Tyler Posey Gets Real About Coming Out on Instagram

"I really didn't have a plan."

Queer fans have thirsted over Tyler Posey since his Teen Wolf days, but the actor only recently opened up about his sexual orientation.

In a recent guest appearance on SiriusXM's The Jason Ellis Show, Posey was asked about his experience coming out to his 5.9 millions followers on Instagram. Back in August, the Now Apocalypse star spoke seriously and candidly about his sexuality for the first time. "I'm confident in my sexuality," Posey said in an Instagram Story. "I love everybody."

Reflecting on the experience, Posey told host Jason Ellis that he "really didn't have a plan for saying that shit. I just felt compelled."

The actor explained how he wanted to use his platform for good by "shedding light" on an incident of anti-transgender violence he'd heard about. Midway through, he was "hit with wanting to coming out myself about that whole thing and be honest about it." In the Instagram Story from August, Posey said he had slept with trans women, and that sleeping with trans women doesn't make anyone "less of a man."

"I know there's a lot of kids who look up to me, and I just want to get rid of that fucking stigma," Posey told Ellis. "You can be whoever you to be, be with whoever you want to be with, and it doesn't affect you, and it doesn't affect them. The world's fucking weird, and it should be. There's too much stigmas around everything, sexuality especially."

As NewNowNext previously reported, the hunky MTV alum debuted his OnlyFans account in September. He's used the platform to get even closer with fans, fielding questions about his sexual experiences with men (he's had oral sex with another guy, although he doesn't seem to think that counts as gay sex) and showing off his bulge (just, uh, take a look for yourself).

Watch a clip from Posey's The Jason Ellis Show appearance below.

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