Lesbian Brutally Bashed At L.A. Jack In The Box: "It Was Like A Horror Movie"

"It makes me fear just to walk down the street."

A Los Angeles woman was assaulted late last month at a local fast food restaurant, ABC 7 reports. Police are treating the incident as a hate crime.

Sabrina Hooks, 26, says a group of five men and women attacked her and her girlfriend, Morgan, in a downtown Jack in the Box.

"They said, you know, I'm a dyke and I'm gay and I had to keep my 'hoe in check' and just for no reason," Hooks recalls.

Sabrina Hooks/Facebook/GoFundMe

Hooks says the verbal attack escalated into physical violence after she tried to defend her girlfriend from the abuse. She was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head.

“It was like a horror movie, except I wasn’t watching it... I was in it,” Hooks tells Fox 11. “It’s not even about my sexuality, it’s about human decency.”

Hooks, whose face was left swollen from the beating, was hospitalized with serious injuries. Her front tooth was knocked out and there is possible permanent damage to her left eye.

“Looking at her makes me want to cry every single time I look at her," says Morgan, who adds that no one at the Jack in the Box came to their aid. "To just assume that two guys can seriously put their hands on a female, it’s shocking."

Sabrina Hooks/Facebook

"For it to get violent and, like I said, no one helped, that's just what really stunned me and it still hurts," Hooks continues. "It makes me fear just to walk down the street."

The LAPD is currently following up on leads and studying video surveillance footage from the scene to help track down the suspects.

"Just a little justice would be nice," Hooks says. "Just so the next person doesn't have to worry like I do."

GoFundMe page has been created to help cover the couple's medical costs.

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