"Firefly" Star Adam Baldwin Compares Gay Marriage To Incest

adam baldwin & sean maher

Adam Baldwin (l) with Sean Maher at the 2012 Firefly 10th year reunion press conference

Photo: Getty

Adam Baldwin garnered praise for his roles in Full Metal Jacket, and Joss Whedon's Angel and of course Firefly, but his online outburst against marriage equality isn't making him a ton of fans on the Web.

On Friday, Baldwin—no relation to Alec, Stephen, et al—tweeted that same-sex marriage was on par with incest and fraud.

What's wrong, now, with a father marrying his son for love & to avoid tax penalties?

— Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) February 21, 2014

The 52-year-old actor claims to have been a Democrat since back in 1980, but now considers himself a “small government conservative libertarian.” He has written for Huffington Post and Breitbart.

But his career is going gangbusters, too: Baldwin is slated to appear in Michael Bay's new series for TNT, The Last Ship.

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