Monét X Change on That Pig Nose and Living Her "Fairytale Justice" Fantasy

"I felt like we were in a really weird 'Stranger Things' version of 'Shrek 4.'"

Inflation may be high, but the exchange rate is always right — Monét X Change that is.

Between co-hosting two popular podcasts — Sibling Rivalry with Bob the Drag Queen and Ebony & Irony with Lady Bunny — and headlining her own comedy tour, the Drag Race All Stars Season 4 winner was able to make time to return to the Drag Race mainstage to compete on All Stars Season 7, the "All Winners" season.

From the minute Monét sashayed into the workroom literally spraying her competition with money, fans knew she came to win. From her "Old McDonald" lip-sync to her Mike Tyson on Snatch Game, Monét has been slaying it week after week, but in an "All Winners" season, the competition has never been tougher.

Logo spoke with Monét about returning for All Stars — again — hosting The Pit Stop, and what she has learned about drag from Lady Bunny.

Before we start talking about this week's episode, I need to ask about the "Old McDonald" lip-sync from the season premiere. It was so good. When that was presented as a song option, were you like "What?"

Yeah, when they presented that, I was like, "Oh, okay, interesting." Back in New York, I used to lip-sync to Ella Fitzgerald's "How High the Moon?" And that's a crazy seven-minute number when she literally does every song ever. So, I love lip-syncing to Ella Fitzgerald, but I've never done "Old McDonald." And it was great. Obviously, you're hoping you get certain songs, and you're like, "I really hope I get that. And I really don't want to do this one." It was really great, and to do it with Shea [Coulee] was really fun. We both had our own, our very unique lip-syncing styles, but some stuff was also so similar because of the nature of the songs. It was all very lovely. And to see the fans reacting to it. Because this ain't no Britney Spears or Gaga, but the fans were still really obsessed with it. So, that was nice.

Speaking of farms and pigs...

Lady Bunny?

We'll get to her. But for "Fairytale Justice," how do you paint to be a pig? Did they give you the pig nose, or how did that all work?

Yeah, they gave us a pig nose.

I bet that was hard to breathe out of.

Yeah, they gave us a pig prosthetic. I don't know how to do prosthetics. I've done prosthetics in drag before, but they're really easy water ones, not the foam ones. I've done a unicorn thing, and it's the ones you literally just add water and they stick and they're really easy to do it. I'm like, "Girl, I don't know how to do no damn prosthetics." And I painted it to be the color of my skin, but it ended up being a little lighter. I was like, drag is getting wild. It's not enough we have to do drag, now we got to be an SFX makeup artist. This is crazy. But yeah, "Fairytale Justice" was very fun. Seeing Michelle [Visage] in that wig, and us doing these mythical characters was fun. I felt like we were in a really weird Stranger Things version of Shrek 4. It was just a lot going on, and it was fun. And it was a really cute challenge. I love court shows. Judge Judy is my favorite show. Back when I was in New York, when I had cable. I would DVR Judge Judy every day, and I love court shows, so "Fairytale Justice" was bringing me back to a very happy time in my life.

Towards the end of the sketch when Jinkx and you start throwing punches and everything, had you talked about that beforehand, or was that totally just spur of the moment? Did you talk about maybe getting physical?

Yeah, we definitely talked about it. Jinkx and I painted together the entire season, and Jinkx is very analytical. So she would bounce these ideas. I'm like, "Yeah, I think that's a great idea. What if we did this?" So, we definitely would bounce these ideas off of each other, because even though it is improv, you still want to have a nice framework of where you think you're going to go.

In the episode when it showed Raja and you speaking a secret language. Where did that come from?

Raja, when she did Fashion Photo Ruview for Season 10, she made up this language of my name, and it would change, every episode was a new iteration of it. So, it's only a language that Raj and I speak, and there are classes on Duolingo if anyone would like to learn to speak it...

Then on Untucked, were you really surprised that Vivienne was going to pick you to be blocked? Everyone was like, "I think it's going to be you, Monét." And you were all like, "Me?" Were you honestly surprised?

Yes. Because I played a very good social game and a very strategic game with Vivienne. I let that bitch borrow an eyeshadow. So, guess what? The first thing I took when I went back to the workroom was my eyeshadow back from that British whore. And I was very shocked that she blocked me. Even though she could, that doesn't mean she had to. So, I was shocked that Vivienne blocked me, even though we've done so much work together in the U.K., but that's okay. I will maybe return the favor. We shall see.

What was it like when they showed that clip of RuPaul getting emotional in the walkthrough with all of you, talking about how proud he was? What was that moment like?

It was really great. This season really is so celebratory, and just to edify what we've all done since our time on the show. And people have all these misconceptions of what they think RuPaul is, and who he is, and how he acts. I've had nothing but great experiences with RuPaul every time I've been on Drag Race. And the love that Ru showed us throughout the season, a lot of it was not even seen on camera. How, when we would do challenges, he would come and stand in the back and watch us and be smiling from ear to the ear, like the fucking Grinch. You know what I mean? He would just be smiling, so proud, watching, laughing, clapping. And every time he got on that stage, he would just gush and gab about how proud of us he was, and what a great job we were doing, and how beautiful we looked. Again, I'm not in RuPaul's mind. I'm not Professor Xavier. I don't know what RuPaul is thinking, but every time that RuPaul spoke to us on the show, it felt like nothing but love and sweetness and kindness. It was great. I loved it. It made me emotional.

Nice. Have you been watching The Pit Stop this season?

I have not watched every episode, I've only seen the first two, but I heard the host isn't as pretty as last season...

How is Bob doing?

He... The Pit Stop is a staple, it has become a staple in Drag Race. People watch the whole episode of Drag Race, it's an hour and a half, they watch a half-hour of Untucked, then they watch another half hour of The Pit Stop. And I think that speaks to the testament of how loyal the Drag Race fan base is, and how good The Pit Stop is, even though it is a lot of hard work to do the show, it's so fun to do.

I saw that your comedy show was announced for Tribeca Film Festival. It's in Brooklyn, a hometown show. Can you tease what fans can expect?

Oh my God. Let me tell you something. I am taping my first special. I am so excited. The jokes are fucking funny. The drag queen, Monét X Change, she is stunningly beautiful. And it's a good night. Growing up in the New York scene, a lot of what you... When you do work... I was fortunate as a queen to work a lot in the city, and do a lot of the shows. So, you do end up doing a lot of standup, you're just not calling it that, because you're hosting the show. But you're telling a lot of jokes, and you're trying to keep the audience's attention for two and a half hours by yourself. So, it's just natural. Comedy has always been something in my wheelhouse, and hosting all the big tours, like Werq the World, like the Christmas tours, and a lot of jokes there. So, I just sat down for a bit and wrote some material, and put it down. I've been traveling around and working it out and I have a full hour show that I'm so excited to give. It's very funny. I make social commentary on things, and I mainly talk about how crazy white people are, because we all can agree, y'all hoes is crazy.

I love you and Lady Bunny together. What has Bunny taught you, or what have you learned from Bunny about drag?

Oh my God. Girl, anything she's taught me, I definitely am not taking into my drag at all. How to wear a tent and not cinch your waist? Yeah, she can keep that one. On Ebony & Irony, a big part of it is that we bring back the older generation, like Linda Simpson, like Jayne County, like Michael Musto, people who were pioneers of drag, really. And you hear all these stories. And Bunny is from an older generation, so we all know sometimes her views can be a little antiquated and not necessarily current, but I think talking to all these people that I mentioned before, you just see how they really paved the way for everything that we are doing right now. And it really bugs me when people are so flippant about it and they don't pay respect to the elders of queer history because of them, we literally would not be here. It really makes me think about my own journey and what I'm doing right now, and being grateful that these people did what they did, just so that I can tape a comedy special during Pride month in June. So, I'm very grateful.

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