Ask the Flying Monkey: "Girls Will Be Girls" Sequel Rumors

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Q: What’s this about a sequel to Girls Will be Girls? I’m so excited! – Jeff, Silverlake, CA

(L to r) Jeffery Roberson as Varla Jean, Jack Plotnick as Evie Harris,

and Clinton Leupp as Coco Peru

A: In fact, filming began last week

on the sequel that is actually being partially financed (via

by fans of the first film, the cult classic Girls Will Be Girls,

which tells the story of three women in Hollywood: a naïve young starlet (Varla Jean), a wistful spinster-doormat

(Coco Peru), and a bitter, aging

never-was (Evie Harris).

Of course, the movie is also a

politically incorrect raunch-fest that is somehow also incredibly smart – and

it’s all told from a camp-drag perspective (one of the movie’s many gimmicks is

that all the female characters are played by men and boys in drag – even Cher on the

cover of a magazine!).

“As far as the plot, it should be

funny,” says Clinton Leupp, who

plays Coco. “But I was asked not to give away

any of it.

Leupp and Eric Stonestreet played reunited lovers in the original film

The real question, of course, is

will Eric Stonestreet be back for at

least a cameo? He co-starred in the original as Dr. “Dream Lover” Benson, but Eric has since found some middling

success in a little show called Modern Family.

“Nope,” Jack Plotnick, who plays Evie, tells me. “We figured he was a

little busy and his character is not needed in the story we are telling.”

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