“Queer Eye” Guys Mourn Death of Their Beloved Bulldog Mascot

R.I.P. Bruley.

It's been a ruff week.

Bruley the French bulldog, Queer Eye's adorable mascot, has died of heart failure. Bruley began cuddling up to the Fab Five during the show's third season, crashing the gang's Kansas City loft headquarters.

"Each time we returned to our loft in Kansas City you were always there to greet us and that brought us so much joy," the Netflix reboot's official account tweeted Thursday. "We hope you have an endless supply of treats to munch on."

As we reported in March, Bruley’s owner is actually Michelle Silva, a producer on the Emmy-winning series.

“I brought him home when he was 9 weeks old on a rainy day in New York City. Ten years later on a rainy day in LA, he passed away in my arms on my bedroom floor,” Silva wrote in an Instagram post. “Bru had been suffering from heart problems, and an instant heart attack was a possibility. He just had too much love and heart for his physical body. It all happened so fast, but I held him as he took his last breath.”

"In the last year of his life, he found fame! Over the course of 16 episodes," Silva continued, "in just a few moments on screen, you guys all got a glimpse of the Bru I knew and loved. He was hilarious, stubborn, sometimes inappropriate, and always a sucker for a snack. He was pure love."

Some of the Queer Eye stars also posted tributes to the late pup on social media.

“RIP my furry little friend," Bobby Berk captioned a photo of him and Burley on set. "You brought joy to so many with your jump kisses, grunts and even your farts. You were the best little sidekick we could have had."

"Our baby Bru," Jonathan Van Ness tweeted with the sobbing emoji.

“Rest in puppy peace," Antoni Porowski wrote on his Instagram Story, "because all dogs go to heaven, little one."

Silva says she is currently working on Bruley's official website, which will sell merch. She is also exploring Bruley-related non-profit opportunities and getting involved in bulldog rescue.

Queer Eye returned July 19 for its fourth season on Netflix and has already been renewed for a fifth. Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!, a four-episode special, premieres November 1.

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