Former WWE Wrestling Star Accuses Vince McMahon Of Sex Abuse

[caption id="attachment_172440" align="alignright" width="264"]James Harris as Kamala James Harris as Kamala[/caption]

Former WWE pro wrestler James Harris is having a tough time these days: The 64-year-old, who once battled Hulk Hogan as the Ugandan giant Kamala, has had both legs amputated from diabetes and is struggling to make ends meet.

Even during his 30-year-career in wrestling, Harris  had to stomach the racism inherent in his grunting, walking stereotype of a character. He had never even been to Uganda—Harris was from Mississippi.

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But now Harris is getting ready to write his memoir and sharing some dirt about the pro-wrestling industry.

“I didn’t really want to be a wrestler," he told 1Wrestling radio. "[But] I liked watching wrestling and I couldn’t really find a job... I thought it would be a quick way to make some money, get wealthy, and get right back out of it."

In the interview, Harrisrecounts tales of corruption, failed drug tests that were covered up, and some serious allegations against WWE impresario Vince McMahon.

"If you get along with Vince, do him sexual favors, you’ll get along good with him," Harris says. "But if you just mind your own business [and show up to work], then he doesn’t like you for some reason."

Harris also claims "there was a lot of men with men in those days, and even men with boys."

By all accounts Harris was liked in the WWE: "He was the kind of guy you had nightmares about," said veteran wrestling commentator Jim Ross. "But out of the ring, you couldn't find a more beautiful person."