Queer Sh*t to Watch This Week

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" goes interactive, and "Hightown" gives P-Town the crime drama treatment.

NewNowNext spotlights the latest (and queerest) movies, TV shows, web series, and other gay shit for your viewing pleasure in our weekly watch list. Grab your popcorn, squirrel friends!


The Times of Bill Cunningham

Subject of the 2010 documentary Bill Cunningham: New York, the late, great New York Times street fashion photographer was famed for popping shots of sometimes unaware subjects before zipping away on a bicycle. When asked once about romantic relationships, he replied, “Do you want to know if I’m gay?” and claimed he never had any. While Cunningham is no more forthcoming about his sexual orientation in director Mark Bozek’s new documentary, it features narration by Sarah Jessica Parker, a lengthy 1994 interview with Cunningham, and oodles of rare photos from his personal collection. (Available now on DVD, Magnolia)


An animated origin story about that iconic pooch and his hunty squad of mystery-solvers—will we finally see an explicitly queer Velma?! She’s voiced by Gina Rodriguez, who played Detective Rosa Diaz’s girlfriend on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and has described herself as “more bisexual” than her Jane The Virgin character, so we’ve got our fingers crossed! (Available on VOD May 15, Warner)

TV and Streaming

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend

Netflix’s second foray into interactive storytelling (Black Mirror’s meh Bandersnatch was a first attempt) revisits the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 'verse—despite having wrapped up the series in early 2019—just as we need it most. The spinoff features new adventures for Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) and friends, including sassy gay actor Titus Andromedon (Tituss Burgess), his agent Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski), Kimmy’s former kidnapper Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (John Hamm), and would-be groom, Frederick (Daniel Radcliffe). (Streaming now on Netflix)


The sunkissed gay mecca of Provincetown, Massachusetts, is the setting for this new Starz drama about Jackie Quiñones (Monica Raymund), a queer, hard-drinking National Marine Fisheries Service agent who becomes embroiled in a murder mystery when she discovers a girl’s body on the beach. Judging from the trailer, Hightown looks a bit like Ozark on Cape Cod’s tip with a whole lot of rainbow flags (and, presumably, lobster rolls). (Premieres May 17 on Starz)


Snowpiercer began as Le Transperceneige, a French-language sci-fi graphic novel series about an entire society, and its varying social classes, living on a speeding train post-apocalypse. The series was first adapted for the screen by Parasite director Bong Joon-ho as a movie in 2013. TNT’s new version promises polyamory, gender fluidity, and lots of queerness. Sounds better than the ride we’re on now! (Premieres May 17 on TNT)

Avocado Toast: The Series

When Molly (Heidi Lynch), a 31-year-old teacher, falls in love with a woman for the first time, her coming-out moment sets off a series of TMI revelations—including her parents’ status as sex party-throwing swingers. Avocado Toast was created and written by Lynch and her onscreen bestie co-star, Perrie Voss, so expect multi-generational laughs, dramz, heart, and plenty of girl power. (Streaming May 18 on Amazon)

Main image: Jane Krakowski (L) and Tituss Burgess (R) in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend.

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