Finn Wittrock Teases Homoerotica On "AHS: Hotel," Ed Sheeran Hit Up Gay Strip Club, John Waters Says OK To Bone Someone Without Books: MEME

Prince William speaks against homophobia for the first time, Darren Criss sorts Broadway characters into Hogwarts houses, preview Austin Armacost's 2016 calendar

Finn Wittrock says that there may be some same-sex action in his future on American Horror Story: Hotel. "There's a little homoerotica. My character's not gay, but he does what he's got to do to get by. That entails a few things. There's also a few intimate moments with The Lady herself which has been a lot of fun." I'll be honest, I'm going to need a little more than "a little homoerotica," I'm over taking crumbs, especially from an out producer like Ryan Murphy.

In the first report to Judge Bunning on marriage licenses issued in Rowan County, Kentucky, only one license was denied, and that was a man applying to marry Jesus. It was denied on the basis that both parties must be present to apply for a license. I mean, technically that was a same-sex license, so didn't they violate the court order?

In a surprise move, Prince William condemned homophobia while visiting Hammersmith Academy, believed to be the first time he has addressed homophobia. He was attending with staff from the Diana Award, named after his mother, which conducts anti-bullying classes. During a session on whether you should confront an anti-gay bully or comfort the victim, Prince William said “I would start on that side [comfort the victim and end up here [confront the bully]. As the young man said, I would try to confront.”

TV Guide has compiled additions to it's Watchlist app and determined that the two most anticipated shows are Heroes Reborn and Supergirl. What's more interesting is how it breaks down geographically, with politically red states wanting Heroes Reborn, while blue states side with Supergirl.

Ed Sheeran is back in Atlanta, but what's more interesting is what he did on his last trip to town. “The last time I was in Atlanta I went out with Taylor Swift’s dancers and we went to this gay strip club called Swinging Richards which was quite fun.” If you're wondering why Taylor didn't go, she wasn't invited, and frankly, she was upset about it.

While I've become used to the world laughing at U.S. politicians (I was a world traveler during the Clinton-Lewinski scandal), I've never been more amused by something from politics than the story that the UK Prime Minister David Cameron put his junk inside a dead pig's mouth as part of a hazing ritual for a society at Oxford University. I mean, as hazing goes, sticking your willy somewhere is pretty standard, but this is beyond. The jokes just seem to be flowing.

Kickstarter has reincorporated as a Public Benefit Company. What this means is that it's now legally required to operate in the public interest, which in this case means giving 5% of it's post-tax profit to charity. Kickstarter has designated half for music programs for young adults with a focus in New York, and the other half to ending systemic inequality working with "organizations fighting to end prejudices against and increase opportunities for people of color, women, and LGBTQ individuals."

Darren Criss sat down with Buzzfeed to do the most Darren Criss thing possible - sort Broadway musical characters into Hogwarts houses. Elder Cunningham from Book of Mormon goes to Hufflepuff, while Glinda from Wicked is Ravenclaw. Most of them make perfect sense.

One of the most repressive and autocratic countries in the world, Saudi Arabia, has been appointed to head the U.N. Human Rights Council experts panel this week. Needless to say, nobody is happy about it.

After Turing Pharmaceuticals was purchased by a hedge fund manager, it raised the prices for Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750 per pill, or a 5500% increase. This isn't a new drug, it dates back to the 1950s, and is the only effective treatment for toxoplasmosis, which frequently affects patients with HIV and cancer. They say it's justified, even though the pill costs less than $1 to make, so they can put the profits into research for new drugs to treat toxoplasmosis, but everyone knows it's a money grab. There are no companies making a generic form of Daraprim because the market is so small.

Tina Fey says that in the new season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Titus is getting a boyfriend, and it's going to be the cute construction worker from the first season.

While we've all been seeing plenty of Austin Armacost on Celebrity Big Brother, there's nothing like seeing him with perfect lighting and a bit of Photoshop, so Attitude has a preview of his 2016 calendar. May looks to be a very good month.

Remember the John Waters quote about if you go home with a guy and he doesn't have any books, don't fuck him? Well, Uncle John says that may be a little harsh. "That’s not really true if they’re cute enough. I like the idea emotionally but if they’re cute enough — who’s looking at their books? Someone said to me, 'If you knew before you got home that they were a racist I would think that would be wrong, but if you’re already there — as long as they stop talking, it’s fine. Shut ‘em up. But you can’t just say 'haha that’s funny' and crack a racist joke. That is unacceptable.If you went home with a racist and they were cute enough, could you?' I have, yeah! It’s just if they start talking you go 'lalalalala' or you put something in their mouth and shut ‘em up. Generally it would be a turn-off. If you go home with an asshole you can still fuck them."

The international trailer for The Good Dinosaur has dropped, and it reveals something I didn't think I realized from the other trailers - the dinosaurs talk. I don't know if they only talk to each other, or just talk generally. They don't seem to talk with the proto-human in the film, so maybe we're just hearing them speak to each other via universal translator for the audience. But somehow this disappoints me. I thought maybe they were going for something more like WALL-E.

Language isn't a barrier to understanding this Polish PSA about hate speech. When the girl starts insulting the gay couple, she quickly turns into Hitler, which is a powerful image for Europe. I don't think it could be any plainer, and I'd love to show this to some politicians running for President to get their reactions.

Lucien Laviscount from Scream Queens explains just how he gets that amazing body of his. Sadly, a lot of it is just a really boring diet he got used to, growing up with weightlifters. “Growing up, there was no salt in our house, and the only condiment was ketchup. We always ate very clean: chicken and rice or pasta and tuna. I have the most boring taste buds because of that. Rich food doesn’t do it for me. If I’m training, I’ll have three chicken breasts a day and then maybe some tuna mixed in just to take the taste of chicken away. If I could have one tablet in the morning that would serve as my meals—if I could never taste food again—I would do that. Eating is definitely more of a chore for me.”

This toothless Marine can't stand the ad for on his street. That's not what he fought for in Vietnam, so he's exercising his First Amendment rights to take it down with a brick. Frankly, I don't remember destruction of private property as part of the First Amendment, but who knows with the Supreme Court inventing all these new rights like gay marriage.

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