11 Reasons We'll Miss "Schitt's Creek"

We've loved this journey for them.

All good things must come to an end, but why are we always stuck with the shit and not the Schitt's Creek? That's right, bébés, the beloved Pop TV sitcom airs its series finale tonight. And while we hate to see the Roses go, we've loved to watch 'em thrive in their respective storylines. But before we bid adieu to Moira, Johnny, David, Alexis, and the kooky residents of that unfortunately named town, let's look back at why we fell in love with them in the first place.

Here, we count down the top 11 reasons we'll miss Schitt's Creek.

The Levy eyebrows

Real-life father and son Eugene (Johnny Rose) and Dan Levy (David Rose) have some of the most iconic brows in the biz, and for six seasons they've made the very idea of tweezers seem downright sadistic.

David's sweaters

In a palette of almost exclusively black and white, David has told one sartorial tale after another with his chunky, oversize numbers.

The man candy

For a small town in the middle of nowhere, Schitt's Creek sure had some certified hotties. See: Alexis' former beau Ted Mullens (Dustin Milligan), a buff but dorky veterinarian; Mutt Schitt (Tim Rozon), the distractingly attractive son of Roland Schitt (Chris Elliott) and his wife, Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson); and Jake (Steve Lund), the polyamorous woodshop worker with only a passing acquaintance with boundaries.

The Jazzagals

Once Moira Rose (Catherine O'Hara) got off her high horse and started consorting with the townsfolk, she discovered that most of them ain't so bad, particularly the all-female a cappella singing group she conned her way into in Season 2. The Gals would eventually become Moira's closest pals—outside, of course, her family and a trusty bottle of vodka.

David and Stevie, BFF goals

Is there anything meet-cuter than two misfits finding their corresponding puzzle piece? Though they tested out their friendship with added benefits early on, David and Stevie (Emily Hampshire) soon realized they were best off being besties, and the rest is television history.

Moira's unique way with words

Whatever accent the divine Catherine O'Hara came up with for her character, it's nothing short of perfection. Moira can turn even the most mundane sentence into a roller coaster of emotion, which no doubt served her well for all those seasons on her hit soap opera, Sunrise Bay.

(A little bit) Alexis

If you've ever asked yourself, What would happen if Paris Hilton were likable?, then you probably know the answer is Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy). With a backstory that involved multiple kidnappings, international hijinks, and questionable escapades, Alexis had one of the most gratifying arcs on the show, going from good-time party girl to independent woman, throwing her hands up at everyone.

The queerness

Schitt's Creek may be small, but it's still progressive, especially when it comes to sexual identity. Not only does pansexual David find acceptance there, but also multiple partners with relative ease. And then you have characters like sardonic Jazzagal Ronnie (Karen Robinson), whose queerness is barely acknowledged but still very much present.

Moira's wigs

Aside from countless black woman, who has done more for wigs on TV than Moira Rose? Each season, La Rose served us wigs on wigs on wigs, both figuratively and sometimes literally, as if to remind both herself and the Schitt's Creekers that hers was a life of glamour and lace-fronts before it all came crashing down.

Patrick and David, America's sweethearts

The relationship between David and Patrick (Noah Reid) embodied nearly every traditional rom-com trope, yet it still felt fresh and new and consistently watchable because, honestly, name a more likable couple. David's high-strung, high-maintenance crazy is balanced perfectly by Patrick's bemused but always affectionate good nature, making theirs a romance we rooted for since they locked eyes (then lips) in Season 3.

Moira Rose: a legend is born

What a titanic introduction to the TV landscape. If Catherine O'Hara doesn't walk away with the Lead Actress in a Comedy trophy at this year's Emmys—provided we even have them—then there is truly no justice left in the world. Her take on Moira was instantly iconic, turning what could have been a one-note character into a full-blown symphony of comedy. We'll remember the experience, and we'll remember the name: Moira Rose.

The Schitt’s Creek finale airs April 7 at 8pm ET on Comedy Central, Logo, and Pop TV.