Lagoona Bloo Goes From Baking to Bop-Making in New "Hands" Video

The "Nailed It!" queen delivers dreamy pop fantasy for her latest single.

Like Tatianna, Lagoona Bloo wants to see you with them hands.

The New York City drag queen was most recently seen singing about fondant on the newest season of Netflix's Nailed It!, but that's not all she's singing about. Lagoona has gone from baking to bop-making with her latest single, "Hands," off her upcoming EP, AQUA.

"'Hands' is about that person that you are crazy about and wish you could get a little physical with,” Lagoona said in a statement. “It’s about wanting to be wanted, desired, and touched! Like, 'Don’t tell me you like me. Say it with your hands because I want to feel it.' I’m an incredibly affectionate person and as a drag queen, I am always giving my touch away. Whether it’s posing for pictures, hugging people, or giving a double air kiss. Even accepting dollars while on stage in a performance involves some level of intimacy. In a relationship, I need someone who can return the affection that I give. I crave sensuality, and touch is very important to me."

Cesar Razza, Tony Pracek

The "Hands" video was directed by Austin Nunes, and Lagoona reveals how her weight loss — and Britney Spears — inspired the visuals for the music video:

"There's a shot inspired by Britney in the 'Oops!... I Did It Again' music video where I’m lying on the ground and reaching out to the camera," she shares. "After shedding 100 pounds, my skin lost its elasticity, and it’s something I’ve long worked to cover up. For this video, I decided to fight my insecurities and chose to reveal the skin on my arms and chest and embrace my body for the temple that it is! If I can’t love every wrinkle and curve on my body, how can I expect anyone else to?"

Lagoona knows a thing or two about being a pop diva. In addition to releasing her own EP, she is a member of the famous drag girl group Stephanie's Child, whose other two members are Jan Sport and Rosé from RuPaul's Drag Race. Legends only!

While she might still be waiting on that call from RuPaul, Lagoona did get to spend some time with another fabulous TV host: Nicole Byer, who also appears on the latest season of Nailed It!, which dropped last week on Netflix.

She competed with her drag sister, Selma Nilla, and the two were the first drag queens to be on the show. Baking while in drag proved to be an extra challenge, Lagoona confesses: "I’m not a baker so this was super out of my comfort zone! My nails were popping off. I was running around the little kitchen, and my dress ripped halfway through. We had so much fun."

If you need more Lagoona after seeing her on Nailed It!, watch her serve dreamy pop fantasy in her "Hands" music video below.

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