The Gay Surprise In Disney's "Frozen," Esquire Pans "Looking": Today In Gay

Disney's new animated fairy tale Frozen is breaking all kinds of box-office records, but the $300-million-plus blockbuster is also breaking new ground for LGBT depictions: We watched the movie again last night (whattyawant, we're fans!) and noticed that when Oaken refers to his family at "Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna," he points to four kids and a burly man. The inference being, of course, that the blond bohunk is Oaken's husband.

We suppose it's not too surprising, since the film is based on Hans Christian Andersen's Danish fairy tale The Snow Queen, and Denmark has been on the forefront of LGBT equality for decades. (They've had civil unions since 1989 and finalized marriage equality in 2012.)

With out actor Jonathan Groff playing KristoffFrozen could be Disney's gayest movie ever. (Well, except for maybe Aladdin.)

The reviews for HBO's new gay dramedy, Looking, have been mixed—some critics praise the show's relatable characters, while others bemoan it's lack of drama. In it's Straight Man's Guide to "Looking," definitely fell into the latter category: "Instead of, say, funny, mincing guys with witty one-liners and put-downs," writes Mick Stingley, "Looking introduces three ho-hum characters you wouldn't hang around with if they were on SportsCenter."

Why don't you tell us how you really feel?

In his verdict, Judge Stephen Reinhardt referred to Windsor vs. United States, the groundbreaking 2013 Supreme Court case that helped dismantle the Defense of Marriage Act.

In its words and its deed, Windsor established a level of scrutiny for classifications based on sexual orientation that is unquestionably higher than rational basis review. In other words, Windsor requires that heightened scrutiny be applied to equal protection claims involving sexual orientation.

Precedents already exist to prevent lawyers from barring jurors based on race, gender and other immutable factors.

On Sunday, a spacey-looking Matalin told host George Stephanopoulos "I know I’m going to get in trouble for this, but all of my gay friends think [Putin] looks so buff in his shirtless photos.”

In the same discussion, Stephanopoulous revealed that Putin told him off-camera that he had "a lot of gay friends." Hmm, are these the same ones that are friends with Matalin, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann? We'd love to meet this crew.

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