John Barrowman And Stephen Amell Singing "Music Of The Night" Is Everything

And they sealed it with a kiss!

Stephen Amell and John Barrowman butt heads on Arrow as heroic Oliver Queen and nefarious Malcolm Merlyn.

But off the set they have the ultimate bromance, thanks to John's mischievous streak and Stephen's eternal patience.

This is never more apparent than when the duo attend fan events together—it's where John can go full Barrowman and Stephen reminds us of what a great sport he is.

Winter Storm Jonas played havoc with the Heroes & Villains convention in Secaucus, New Jersey, but that didn't stop the party for John and Stephen, who managed to congregate at the Embassy Suites hotel to mingle with fans and make merry.

John roped Stephen into performing "Music of The Night" from Phantom of The Opera. Admittedly Stephen was a liiittle pitchy, the guys made beautiful music together.

Now about that Arrow musical episode...

h/t: Carlos

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