5 Best Kristen Wiig 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches

Saturday Night Live has long been the breeding ground for the best and brightest comedic actors in show business, as evidenced in former players including Oscar nominees Bill Murray and Robert Downey Jr. (yep, he did a season), and perhaps more than anyone the incomparable Tina Fey. This weekend the show said farewell to another actor, whose talent and genius has earned her three Emmy nominations for her work on the show and an Oscar nom for her first screenplay Bridesmaids -- Kristen Wiig.

We posted her touching farewell yesterday, and cried in the process, so let's move beyond that ( we will not post, we will not post) and take a look at Miss Wiig's five best sketches during her seven amazing years on SNL.

Her kookiest, and funniest, character ever, Wiig will be most likely known for her very special portrayal of Judy.

There is one person who is thrilled Wiig is leaving SNL. Guess who?

The one character Wiig introduced late in to her time on the show ended up being one of her best.

If there is one person you do not want to have to impersonate, unless you are a drag queen, it is Madonna. Wiig does it flawlessly.

We lied. This really may be our favorite SNL skit ever.

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