Gay Trump Supporters Speak Out After The Election

"This is a liberation of unprecedented heights.”

As the majority of the LGBT community continues to process the reality of a Trump presidency, there are some who are cheering his victory on Election Day.

Exit polls indicate 14% of gay voters pulled the lever for Trump/Pence, despite campaign rhetoric seemingly opposed to equality and inclusion.

Online, those supporters have begun to speak out.

The Facebook group LGBTrump/Gays for Trump released a message shortly before 2am on Tuesday night.

“Tonight the nation elected a candidate that will not only protect the LGBT community, but the nation as a whole. Tonight, I am able to say something I have waited a long time to say: ‘I told you so.’"

The page moderator claims Trump "unlocked Americans from the chains of identity politics and gave a voice to working America."

"Trump’s victory tonight will usher in a new era of politics," they added, "an era in which your identity does not determine your ideology and an era is which the needs of the nation are placed before the needs of special interests."

"To the Beltway bandits this is scary as hell. To the American people this is a liberation of unprecedented heights.”

On a separate Gays for Trump page, a commenter called the election results "a great win for EVERYONE!"

"Me and my husband were Trump supporters from the beginning!" wrote the member, who has Confederate flags on his Facebook page.

"It's time to heal and come together, make our country great and safe. End corruption and division that the Dems have wrought upon our nation. America has a new voice, a real representative leader and NOT a ruler! Now we really move forward!"

Another Trump voter, Jefferson West, drew attention last week with a post describing himself as "a moderate, gay Hispanic [who does] not identify as self-hating, racist, misogamistic [sic], bigoted, uneducated, rude unkind or even unfair."

West followed up after the election with a word of advice for protestors.

"Continue to say hateful things about those now elected into office and those who voted them in and be surprised when those who may not agree with you find no reason to support you when you need it," he wrote on Facebook.

"That's a strategy—not a good one, but it's a strategy. Keep it up and let me know how it works out for you. Smdh."

The Log Cabin Republicans, which had held back on a Trump endorsement, seemed to be cheering his victory nonetheless. Log Cabin GOP president Gregory T. Angelo, tweeted congrats to the president-elect.

In a statement on Wednesday, the group touted Trump's election as the victory of "conservative solutions over empty liberal promises"

"Log Cabin Republicans extends our hearty congratulations to the President-Elect of the United States!" the group added. "We stand united behind our next president, optimistic for the future and committed to 'Make America Great Again'!"

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