Australian-Rules Football Players Gave Themselves A Testicular Self-Exam On British TV (NSFW)

balls to cancer

Viewers of Channel 4 in Great Britain caught an interesting sight this week: Members of the Wolverhampton Wolverines learned how to properly screen for testicular cancer with an on-air self examination.

The most important tip?  "It should feel like a peeled boiled egg in a bag of fluid." Helpful advice, even if it put us off our breakfast.

The lads shucked their drawers on behalf of the charity Balls To Cancer, whichraises awareness about testicular cancer and collects research funds through sporting events.

We are spending time and money on a nationwide (and in some cases worldwide) awareness campaign through the media, Social networks, leaflets and posters. To try to make both men and women more aware of the dangers of cancer and to help men, help themselves.

Secondly we want to open a male only contact point for men, boys who have been diagnosed with cancer or are worried about cancer and their families.

Thirdly we are funding an education programme for teenagers to help them understand and take away the taboo of talking about testicular cancer and asking for help. We are currently setting this up with our own local authority with the hope of going nationwide next year.

Finally we want to fund research into treatments and ultimately a cure for this horrible disease, we will be talking to oncologists and hospitals to ascertain which laboratories are the ones we should be funding. We have already given money to many research projects and hospitals such as Birmingham & Brunel Universities and The Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Watch the (technically NSFW) clip below, and donate to Balls to Cancer here.

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