$60,000 Worth Of Dildos, Butt Plugs, Stolen In Massive Heist

"This is the largest recorded theft of sex toys in history."

Over $60,000 worth of dildos, butt plugs and vibrators were stolen from an erotica convention last week in what's being described as the biggest sex-toy heist in history.

A representative from Fun Toys London explained in a Facebook post that the company's team was wrapping up an exhibition at the erotic trade fair Venus Berlin when they had all their merchandise stolen.

The rep explained that when they went to load the display into the truck at the end of the day, they saw all their products had been swiped and "only the brochures, bags and two boxes with testers were left."

"When our representative was away for five minutes to meet the police at the entrance, another four boxes were stolen," the rep wrote. "This is the largest recorded theft of sex toys in history."

The company filed a police report, but says it hasn't received the requested footage from security cameras. Because the stolen products were specific to Fun Toys, management is hoping that it will be difficult for the thieves to sell, and is asking people to look for their items being distributed by an "unauthorized seller."

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