The Deeply Spiritual Reason Gay Men Are Flashing Their Butts On Instagram

These guys are shedding more than just their pants.

Thirst-trap selfies are a dime a dozen on social media these days, but the men who are posing sans pants for The Travelin’ Bum Instagram account are looking to bare more than just their perfectly shaped posteriors. (Although they're definitely showing those off too.)

The account was created as a way for gay men who may have struggled with their sexuality or the coming out process to celebrate feeling comfortable in their own skin. The creator, who wants to remain anonymous, posts submitted pics of people's butts in public places alongside the personal stories they send about learning to love themselves.

"The nudity is something that makes light of what may be a difficult situation," the 24-year-old told Elite Daily. "The concept of nudity behind The Travelin’ Bum was to allow people to ‘free’ themselves from their secrets they have been holding in. [It allows] them to bare it all and be their true self, finally."

The founder said he receives about 100 to 150 messages each week from gay men who want to submit a story and a photo, but he only posts those that support the account's overall message of living out and proud as their true selves. (Though having a photogenic bottom also appears to be taken into consideration during the selection process.)

"Well, the first person I told was my brother. (I will change the guys name for personal reasons) It all started off kind of clumbsy. I came home from seeing Tony (the guy I was in a way dating at the time) and my brother asks me about him. He then continues to say "hey, Tony's on the phone he really wants to talk to you" I rush from my bed to get the phone but my brother was just kidding. Something inside me felt as if my brother were to know about my sexuality. I built up the courage and said to myself that if he knew the worst thing that could happen was rejection. So I walked into his room and told him "Me and Tony are dating" and he stayed quiet and looked shocked" "He then told me he was okay with me being gay, he said he didn't know about it at all and he was seriously just kidding about the phone call. So with time I just appreciated myself because if my brother and family approved no one else needed to for me to be happy." ?: @_coronado97 #travel #traveling #travelinbum #blogger #man #beach #desert #naked #sexy #ass #bootiesallovetheworld #bootie #l4l #bum #gay #gayfollow #gayworld #gaylife #gayboy #gayselfie #gaymuscle #gaycute #gayhunk

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“The LGBT community has gone through so much for generations, and we are slowly making strides for equality still in 2017,” the founder says. “By stripping in public, it shows you are comfortable with who you are as a human, and I think people should be proud of that whether you are male, female, gay or straight.”

Happy national coming out day! "It can take a lifetime to find a group of friends that you feel completely free around. Lucky for me I didn't have to wait that long. We are a family who laughs and cries and fight with each other constantly. Yet it always comes from a place of love and caring. We are all so different in so many ways and that is the really special thing about it. With one of us in real estate, one of us a lawyer, another a liquor sales rep and the other a yoga instructor, we all come from different walks of life and have different passions that steer our destinies yet we found each other on our separate paths walking together and I couldn't feel luckier a man than to have these three by my side in life and travels. Whether we are off to a beach, a bar, or a celebratory trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate PRIDE with all of our brothers and sisters, there is no one else I can imagine by my side than these kooky, beautiful and amazing creatures! Bum Voyage!!!"#travel #traveling #travelinbum #blogger #man #beach #desert #naked #sexy #ass #bootiesallovetheworld #bootie #l4l #bum #gay #gayfollow #gayworld #gaylife #gayboy #gayselfie #cutegay #musclegay #nationalcomingoutday #nationalcomingoutday2016 #nationalcomingoutday?

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