University Of Dallas Student Demands School's President Apologize For Anti-Gay Commencement Speech

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Following an anti-gay speech by conservative activist/writer Brent Bozell at the 2015 University of Dallas commencement ceremony, Maxwell Adam Frazier, a gay 2015 graduate from UD, has penned an open letter to the college's president Thomas W. Keefe demanding an apology.

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Bozell, himself a University of Dallas alumni, went on numerous tirades against the "anti-Catholic, pro-gay agendas" of media today.

Some of his more ridiculous soundbites:

  • "When movies like Philomena, Dogma or The Priest deliberately project ugly lies about the Catholic clergy, it is up to you as a Catholic to speak up and defend your faith by denouncing the bigotry."
  • "When Comedy Central presents as humor a man dressed as the Holy Father who greets an actress dressed as a nun with, 'Bless you, Sarah, congratulations on all your abortions,' you don't simply change the channel, you take to the public square to condemn the repugnancy."
  • "When Lady Gaga or Madonna ridicule your faith—you—to millions of impressionable children, it is not enough not to listen; your call is to convince society to join in the repudiation. Christianity is under attack across the cultural spectrum, from music to theater to academia. Your Catholic identity commands you to respond."
  • Perhaps the most detestable comment::

    Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson publicly quotes Scripture and is suspended from his television show for being un-Christian. The state advocates the destruction of the family and the sacrament of marriage as a moral good. A Christian minister appears on CBS to defend the sanctity of marriage and is labeled the leader of a "hate group." It is not secularism that is replacing Christianity, nor even is it atheism. It is paganism.  Gaia is fast becoming our national God and anti-Christian bigotry our national blood sport.

    In his open letter, Frazier illuminates the embarrassment he felt while listening to this verbal venom during the ceremony. He also cites the struggles he went through as a gay student at such a conservative institution, mentioning that "my non-academic life at UD cannot be described as anything but homophobic and toxic."

    Frazier notes that despite the college only recently being removed from a list of "most homophobic" colleges in America, little progress in tolerance of LGBT students has been made.

    So we are at a bit of a crossroads: either UD needs to make a change or it needs to honestly declare 'we do not love our gay students. We do not care that they feel safe or welcomed. We would be better off without them, and we find no reason to accommodate for their existence, let alone their attendance. Their security, success, and spirituality simply mean less to us.'"

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    The cum laude graduate goes on to plead for a GSA to be established in the school, making sure to educate these bigots that a gay-straight alliance is NOT a "sexually based group," nor does it promote "promiscuity."

    Frazier reaches an ultimatum by the end of his letter, requesting that President Keefe either issue an apology and set up said GSA, or outlaw gays from attending University of Dallas altogether, to at least spare them the same discrimination Frazier faced in his time there.

    After the humiliation I suffered at the commencement I struggled four years to arrive at, I deserve that much. I would like to know if you are willing to make good on the promise you made four years ago, and if you are going to do right by me and mine. I would like to know your thoughts."

    We'd like to know your thoughts, too, President Keefe.

    h/t:, Newsbusters