Turns Out Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Are in Love... With Their Pets

We knew we smelled a stunt.

Queer Eye? More like Queer Lie... Well, more like Queer Eye clarification. 

Queer Eye co-stars, Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porwoski — who have been jokingly teasing a romantic relationship for yearsreignited rumors of their courtship on Sept. 14 when they each posted pictures holding hands, looking lovingly into each other's eyes, with the caption: "We’re finally together."

Fans smelled a stunt, and it turns out that Van Ness and Porowski did not leave their significant others: The two are not romantic partners, but business partners in a new pet food venture, Yummers.

"The essential meal-mix-ins make your pet’s food infinitely more flavorful and nutritious, just by mixing in a little on top of each meal," Van Ness said on Instagram, announcing Yummers.

According to Porowski, the meal mix-ins were inspired by their mutual love of animals, and Porowski's dog Neon's "demands to appear as a celebrity mascot." 

“Some of my most special relationships have come from being a pet parent," Van Ness told the New York Post. "So it’s like, ‘How can I show up for them and make their lives happier and more fulfilled?'”

As if the Queer Eye duo weren't busy enough before their Yummers launch. The Fab Five just picked up another Emmy for Outstanding Structured Reality Program, Van Ness has his popular haircare line, and Porowski is the host of the upcoming Netflix competition series, Easy-Bake Battle. Plus, they just finished filming the seventh season of Queer Eye, which took the Fab Five to New Orleans.

The Yummers products are available now online and will also be available for purchase at Petco. Somehow we think Bruley would approve.