The Story Behind Bob the Drag Queen's Epic "We're Here" Wig Reveal

"That was my niece the entire time,” explains the "Drag Race" winner.

Even if you aren't watching this season of We're Here — how dare you! — you have probably seen the viral clip from the latest episode where Bob the Drag Queen performs one of the most epic wig reveals we've ever seen during a drag show. If you missed the episode — which sent the queens to Selma, AL — then watch the clip below because it needs to be seen to be believed:

So when Logo recently spoke with Bob about the new season of We're Here, we obviously had to ask about how this wig-tastic performance came to be.

"It was my idea. Me, Shangela, and Eureka, we actually come up with our own numbers. And even for our drag kids as well, which is why we're producers on the show," Bob explains to Logo. "We hired the entire creative team, the designers, the makeup artists, the wig stylist, the choreographers, we hired them all. So we really are actually creating these drag shows. I know some people think that we just go there and then someone else comes in and does everything, but we actually do come up with the numbers ourselves."

Connie Chornuk/HBO

Bob used to live in Alabama, and he has family that lives in the area, so when he found out they were filming an episode in Selma, he knew he wanted to make the drag show a family affair:

"It's actually an idea that I had in my head for a long time, and I really wanted my niece, Neveah, to play the role [of the giant wig]. She's tiny and she's a gymnast and she's a very good dancer. And I was like, I think she's perfect for this. And she just looks so cute."

But was Neveah really on his shoulders dressed as the wig the whole time or was it a trick of editing?

"No, that was my niece the entire time," Bob confirms. "She actually had her hands on my head, with her knees tucked behind my armpits. There was no double wig. There was no extra. It was literally my niece the whole time."

"I'm really, really proud of that," adds the Drag Race Season 8 winner.

Bob keeps reminding the children why he is a drag legend!

We're Here Season 2 is currently available on HBO and HBO Max.

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