"The Magicians" Gay Spellcaster: "There’s Sexual Events That Happen To Elliot"

Hale Appleman plays an out student on SyFy's grown-up version of "Harry Potter"

The Magicians debuts tonight on SyFy, introducing us to the diverse student body at Brakebills College for Magic Pedagogy.

Among the classmates is Eliot Waugh—sardonic, smart and gay. And sexually active.

"If you’re asking if he gets laid in Season One,—yes, he does," Magicians co-creator Sera Gamble told NewNowNext.

Actor Hale Appleman, who plays Eliot, words it a little differently.

"There’s sexual events that happen to Elliot and that Elliot spearheads, you might say."

Gamble clarifies that, "[Eliot’s] life is complicated and so his relationships are complicated."

The spell-casting student has no problem diving between the sheets with another guy, but his heart is a tougher place to get into.

At the start of the series, "[Eliot] cannot open his heart to someone,"says Appleman, 30, who starred in MTV'S Pedro and appeared on Smash.

Over the course of the season, his character is completely taken with someone, and doesn't know to handle it.

"The relationship "doesn’t necessarily go the way you’re expecting," teases Gamble, "though he has a lot of fun.”

Could some of that fun be with other male classmates, like Quentin Coldwater, played by Jason Ralph (Looking), or Penny, played byHow To Get Away With Murder 's Arjun Gupta?

"There’s a reason they say 'There’s a time and place for everything and it’s called college,'" Gamble teased. "Our characters are doing a lot of experimenting and figuring out who they are."

The Magicians airs Mondays at 9pm on SyFy.

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