Christian School Forces 7-Year-Old Girl Out For Talking About Her Two Dads

School officials told her father they don't "promote gay."

An Australian dad was left hurt and confused by administrators at his 7-year-old daughter's private school in Mandurah recently after they threatened to kick her out for talking about her two dads on campus.

Brendan (he's using his first name to protect his daughter's identity) told the Mandurah Mail he was called into a meeting with Foundation Christian College principal Andrew Newhouse recently and was informed that his daughter revealed she had two dads during a class discussion.

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“[My daughter] got talking about Tony Abbott and gay marriage and mentioned that her dad is with [my partner] and she was shut down by her teacher and then the teacher had to explain to the class what ‘gay’ is,” Brendan said.

Brendan said administrators informed him they don't "promote gay" at the school and barred his daughter from ever speaking about her fathers again under threat of expulsion.

“She could mention my name, but she couldn’t talk about us being gay or relating to us as a couple, so pretty much to a seven-year-old, we were forced to say to [my daughter] that she wasn’t allowed to talk about Daddy or [my partner] at all,” Brandon said. “I told them that I expected my daughter to be able to talk about home life like any other kid in the class. I don’t want her to be told that I’d go to hell, not that they ever did, but it is their belief, and I didn’t want her to be told that love is only between a man and a woman.”

Brendan only recently came out and said he went through the application process at the Christian school, which receives millions in taxpayer dollars every year, with his ex-wife.

Principal Newhouse told Brendan he felt "fooled" by the couple and clarified that his daughter would have never been admitted to the school if they knew she had two fathers.

Newhouse backed up his archaic and discriminatory point of view, which by the way is perfectly legally justified in Australia, in a statement to the paper.

“The parent signed the conditions of entry agreement with the college stating (amongst other items) ‘We support the principle of Christian education for our child,'" he said. “The board also has a strong view that families with same-sex parents do not support a Christian world view."

Brendan withdrew his daughter from the school because he didn't want her to live under constant risk of being expelled.

“Originally she was really upset; she still gets upset and she sees me get upset so it totally confuses her,” he said. “I carry a lot of guilt and I hate that my daughter has to deal with her dad not being accepted.”

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