"How To Get Away With Murder" Stars Jack Falahee And Conrad Ricamora Have A Beautiful Bromance

Coliver for life.

The Coliver love is real.

On How To Get Away With Murder Jack Falahee and Conrad Ricamora play fan favorite couple Oliver and Connor—or "Coliver" as the show's fandom refers to them as. In the Season Three premiere last year Oliver and Conrad called it quits, but in this year's finale the two reunited and Oliver proposed to Conrad.

The two actors might not be dating in real life (Falahee is straight, Ricamora is gay) but according to their Instagrams it looks like they are caught up in a bad bromance.

Ricamora is currently in a production of Here Lies Love at the Seattle Repertory Theatre and Falahee came to show support for his onscreen love.

Look what the cat dragged in... #hereliesloveseattle so grateful for this dude!

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Not only that but this past weekend Falahee posted a cute pic of Ricamora out to dinner with the caption: "Grateful for Conrad Ricamora in my life."

Grateful for @conradricamora in my life

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Falahee might be straight in real life, but that has not stopped him from being a vocal ally to the LGBT community—and knows how much his character on HTGAWM is an important representation for viewers.

“I’m still not over how the much of an impact the show has made and a lot of that is Connor’s character and his importance to fans,” the actor said. “It’s emblematic of my straight privilege, but I never thought his character would be so important to the LGBTQ community.”

“The outpouring of love from the fans was so gratifying and humbling for me,” Falahee added. “Receiving messages from fans saying ’Connor and Oliver helped me come out to my parents’ is deeply rewarding, and to be any small part of the courage needed to come out will forever be a blessing to me.”

The actor also spoke with Out magazine in 2015 about how his character can help LGBT youth struggling with suicide:

“I’ve lost friend to suicide, a few of whom were closeted and didn’t have anywhere to turn It pains my heart. Now that I’m in a position where people are curious about what I have to say about things, I would like to help.”

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 11: Actor Conrad Ricamora and Jack Falahee attend the 2016 Point Honors Gala at New York Public Library on April 11, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/WireImage)

"I think these are two people who are really good together," said HTGAWM showrunner Pete Nowalk. "I never thought they would see each other again past the pilot, but I just really liked their chemistry! And that's a credit to Jack and Conrad. For me, I've got to believe there's hope. I'm a fan of Coliver just like everyone else."

Whether HTGAWM is around for years to come or not, it looks like the love between Falahee and Rimacora is here to stay.

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