Sugar Wanted Her Own “Farrah Moan Moment” During the Pat Benatar Lip Sync

"It's not a matter if you fall down. It just matters how hot you look when you get back up."

There might have been Sugar and Spice, but not everything was nice on the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. 

Ru announced an earlier-than-usual Snatch Game and divided the queens into two groups for the "supersized" Snatch Game, and in the end, Loosey LaDuca's hilarious Joan Rivers impersonation won the challenge. But it was Sugar and Spice — who made Drag Race herstory by being the first set of twins to compete — who found themselves in the bottom two for their portrayals of Trisha Paytas and Miley Cyrus, respectively.

Since their casting was announced, Drag Race fans were waiting for a Lip Sync For Your Life pitting Sugar and Spice against each other, and this week it happened when the drag duo had to perform Pat Benatar's "You Better Run."

After a lip sync full of fumbles and some killer choreo, RuPaul declared Spice the winner, with Sugar being forced to sashay away.

Sugar spoke with Logo about her time on Season 15, including if she had choreographed that lip sync with Spice, why she was "happy and grateful" to fall during her performance, and what it was like filming that emotional episode of Untucked.

When you two were cast, you had to know that you two would go up against each other in a lip sync, right?

Just us being little bimbos from the suburbs, I had absolutely no idea. I couldn't fathom them doing that. I was like, "Us lip-syncing against each other? That's never going to happen. The first twins on Drag Race, but they're not going to do that."

When it actually came time for you two to lip sync against each other, it seemed like you had practiced some choreography. Did you plan those moves beforehand?

I don't know if you saw Untucked, but it would've been more choreographed and more really in sync if we weren't breaking down and bawling our eyes out. So I think we had about 10 minutes, and I didn't know a damn word to that song. We were not expecting to lip-sync. But then once we were in the bottom, we're like, "Oh shit. I don't know these words. We've got to come up with something real quick." So we had about 10 minutes, and that's what you got.

How was it performing that Pat Benatar song?

I lived, because it's like, "you better run." Yeah, bitch, you better get to running. I mean, I took that too far. I was tripping and falling, but it's not a matter if you fall down. It just matters how hot you look when you get back up. So hopefully I looked hot when I got back up. 

Earlier in the season you said you had performed live in drag "once or twice..." So was this your third drag show?

No. We have performed a few times, but we made it up with our shtick. We're bedroom queens and we've never performed before. So secretly, I don't want to expose everything, but we had been doing theatre and shows all throughout middle school and high school until we found our passions in other things. So we definitely do have a lot of performing experience, just not when it comes to doing it in drag. That's a whole other thing. You got to make sure your wig's glued down. You could be great on stage, but when you're corseted, with heels on and a wig and a lash, it takes getting used to.

You mentioned falling down during the performance. How were those platform shoes?

I think going in, me and Spice, our twin telepathy was like, "We need to make this the most iconic lip sync they've ever seen." So just embrace it all. So when I fell, I was like, "Yes!" It's the social media mind in me because I know what causes engagement. I just like to get a viral video. So what's going to make it viral? People are going to talk about when you fall. So I was so happy and grateful in the moment. I'm like, "Ugh, I need my Farrah Moan moment. I hope this turns into a meme." So I'm happy with how it all turned out, for sure.

Did you think maybe there would be a double sashay away or a double shantay?

I wish. Basically, the general consensus after they critiqued me, Spice and I both knew it was my farewell. So it was my time no matter what. We were like, "we just got to go out with a bang."

How did it feel having to leave Spice alone in the competition?

You know what it was? I'm a very self-aware person, so I know that the tea, I know what's going on. I was like, "okay, I'm eliminated. It is what it is. They didn't like me." I think as drag queens, it always comes down to ego, so that can be a very hard pill to swallow. "What? Someone doesn't like me. Huh?" But I'm used to not people liking me. I get it. So it is what it is. Of course, I was upset and I wanted to continue going. Miss Sugar, had put the key into the engine and was ready to twist it and crank it up. But life happens. I was just more upset about leaving Spice. I still had that vision of me looking over to the stage [after sashaying away], and she had that scary face. So then just her crying, and it was triggering back to our childhood, because it's always been us against the world, and it truly did feel like that in the moment. So to leave her and not really even to get to say our goodbyes, it was definitely hard.

On Untucked you talked about your parents being unaccepting of your drag. Are they watching?

Yes, they are. And luckily, they have definitely been supportive, and they have come around, which is great.

It was a heartbreaking Untucked. What was it like sitting on those couches with the other girls and opening up about your parents?

You know what it was? Me and Spice, I'll speak for both of us. We were having so much fun. We were having the time of our lives. That's my whole takeaway from this experience, and just life in general. We are here to have fun. We're here to play. We're here to feel good. It's all about how you feel. So I was feeling so good. And then after hearing the judges' critiques, it was just a really hard moment. I equate it to being in middle school and all of a sudden you're in trouble, and they call you down, and you have to speak to the principal. So it was just a lot of things. And I think processing how hard the girls were in the beginning and not being accepted by them; and then in the moment, not feeling accepted by the judges. It was a perfect windstorm to just trigger you right back to your childhood. So it was bad, but I'm so grateful that the queens were there to support us and uplift us and change our mind about both going home. They're like, "No, you guys got to do it for each other. There's so many young Sugars and Spices out there that could relate to you." So I'm really grateful for the queens' support, especially in that moment.

It really does seem like you have a real family with the other Season 15 queens.

It's amazing. I just remember Sasha Colby and Loosey sitting next to me, and I didn't even feel strong enough to get my words out. It feels so scary, right? Because as humans, we can tend to live in so much fear. And honestly, the most fearful thing is to stand in the mirror and look at yourself. Because we're constantly running away. So to have that moment and to literally look at yourself in the mirror... You literally forget the cameras are there. It's just us and the girls connecting on that couch. You forget everything else. And then you're like, "Oh my God, that's on TV." So I think I'm happy for the moment because hopefully, it will help others that can relate to our human experience that we are literally living out on the show.

RuPaul's Drag Race airs Fridays at 8/7c on MTV.

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