Does Kacey Musgraves Consider Herself a Gay Icon?

And was she rooting for Yvie Oddly to take home the "Drag Race" crown?

The sun is about to set on Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour, as she plays the last U.S. shows of her "Oh, What a World" tour. But before the country music queen steps off the stage for some much-deserved rest, she decided to sit down and spill some tea... quila with W Magazine.

In a new W video, Kacey answers questions on a variety of topics, from secret tattoos to embarrassing moments. The magazine also asks if she considers herself a gay icon. "I do love the gays," she replies, and then yells, "GAY RIGHTS!"

As if we didn't already stan.

Later in the video, the Golden Hour goddess is asked if she's a fan of RuPaul's Drag Raceshe was on the show, mind you!—and whether she believes Yvie Oddly deserved the crown on this past season. She silently sips her tequila instead of answering.

When asked about her first kiss, she reveals that it was with her first boyfriend, Brian, who is now "totally out of the closet." She adds, "So I've been an ally for a long time."

Our queen. Put on your neon cowboy hat and check out the full video below.

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