Can We Talk About...?

How Mariah Carey Staged the Diva Comeback of the Century

Fifteen years ago, "The Emancipation of Mimi" cemented the elusive chanteuse as the preeminent hitmaker of her, or any, lifetime.

An Ode to the Thirst Traps and Gay Baits of Early-2000s Dating Shows

Hot tub hookups! Twinks gone wild! The meanest kweens in the world! Let's get back on the “Next” bus for some trashy nostalgia.

The Many Husbands of "Tiger King" Joe Exotic

Sure, we met John, Travis, and Dillon, but what about the big cat lover's other playthings?

Side-Eye Goals: Remembering Mrs. Danvers, Hitchcock's OG Queer Villain

Snide. Predatory. Fabulous. The scheming housekeeper broke the mold 80 years ago in the sinister, Oscar-winning "Rebecca."

Call Girls: Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s “Telephone” Video Turns 10

Let's leave our heads and hearts on the dance floor to celebrate this epic diva duet.

Why Cinderella Is a Gay Icon

From the animated film to the "Impossible"-y high bar set by Brandy and Whitney, the heroine has been putting the "fairy" in fairy tale for 70 years.

Where's the Album, Ma'am? The Longest Pop Diva Hiatuses

From Rihanna to Madonna, these icons have taken their sweet time giving the gays what they want. How'd that work out for them?

Can We Talk About...? The First Black Gay Short Story Ever Published

From 1926, Richard Bruce Nugent's "Smoke, Lilies, and Jade" is an ode to interracial same-sex desire.

"The Broken Hearts Club" Was So Much More Than a Gay Rom-Com

Billy Porter, a blond Zach Braff, forever-woulds Timothy Olyphant and Justin Theroux—what else could you want this Valentine's weekend?

The Wild Story of Jaye Davidson, the First Out Black Oscar Nominee

In 1992, an unknown actor played a trans woman in "The Crying Game," a hit thriller with a shocking but flawed twist—then all but disappeared.

The "Sex Education" Douching Episode Is Required Gay Viewing

The acclaimed Netflix show has packed more gay into 54 minutes than most shows can fit into an entire season.