Love and Sex

Is VTubing the Next Frontier for Trans and Nonbinary Sex Workers?

The use of 2D or 3D computer-generated avatars offers anonymity — and total customization.

Let's Talk About Emotional Cheating in Queer Relationships

“As a rule of thumb, if you're hiding something… then you're likely cheating to some degree.”

How COVID-19 Ushered in a Queer Cybersex Renaissance

"Moan Rooms" on Clubhouse were just the beginning.

The Erotics of Grief: Mourning My Leather Life Before COVID-19

"Desire without sociality is like fire without oxygen."

Polyamory in a Pandemic: How These LGBTQ+ People Make It Work

"We dated from a six-foot distance for over a year."

Introducing... Logo's Love & Sex Week

A letter from the editor.

Unrealistic Ass-pectations: Why Queer Men Are So Insecure About Their Bums

"I will never, ever post it straight on since I can barely fill out my underwear."

Total Tops and Bottoms Share Why They Refuse to Be Vers

"I feel most confident bottoming."

The Digital Death of Vintage Ebony and Blatino Porn

"Once retro porn began to fall, only Black and Brown queer fans put in the work to keep it alive."

How Eating Ass Went Mainstream

Once a taboo act only for queer people, rimming has evolved from a niche delicacy to the equivalent of a cronut.

The Straight Men Who Regularly Have Sex With Other Men

"You can be homosexual without being gay, or into all of it."