HRC and InterACT Launch New Intersex Resource Guide

October 26 is Intersex Awareness Day.

Democrats Introduce Bill to Add Third Gender to Passports

The bill comes amid the State Department’s refusal to issue court-ordered passports to an intersex Coloradan.

California’s Landmark Intersex Rights Bill Just Failed in Committee

And the committee's chair received a $50,000 check from the bill's opponents on Friday.

Study: Half of Americans Now See Gender on a Spectrum

Brands should get ready for cisgender men in dresses, according to one research firm.

Transgender Coloradans Can Now Update Birth Certificates Without Surgery

Colorado is just the third state in the nation to offer nonbinary options on both IDs and birth certificates.

9 LGBTQ Legal Moments That Shaped 2019

The LGBTQ community had some major wins and losses this year, with the biggest ruling still to come.

Massachusetts Becomes 16th State to Roll Out Nonbinary IDs

“Seeing the X gender marker for IDs [gives] me hope that I will be able to update my birth certificate soon."

Ben Carson Called Trans Women "Big, Hairy Men" During HUD Meeting

The HUD secretary allegedly made the comments this week in San Francisco.

Illinois Approves Nonbinary Licenses and State IDs

Those hoping for the new IDs might have to wait years for them to be issued.

You Can Register for Gender Neutral Licenses in These States

States have begun to recognize the importance of offering a third gender option on official identification documents.

Colorado Bans Conversion Therapy, Makes It Easier to Update Birth Certificates

Out Gov. Jared Polis signs two pro-LGBTQ bills into law on the eve of the kickoff to Pride Month.