Women's History Month

7 Incredible LGBTQ Women Tell Us What They're Claiming Space for

"Whatever I can do to uplift queer and trans people of color... I'm going to do."

6 LGBTQ Moms Who Made History

From Josephine Baker to Del Martin, these trailblazing artists and activists were (or are!) also mothers.

The Queer Truth Behind Eleanor Roosevelt's Feminism

"I know I’ll never make an open break & never tell F.D.R. how I feel."

A Podcast Guide to Badass Queer Women in History

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Name a Woman: Marriage Equality Hero Susan Murray

The Vermont lawyer won a groundbreaking case in the early days of the fight for marriage equality in the U.S.

Name a Woman: "Furious Lesbian" Socialite Mercedes de Acosta

The pants-wearing 20th-century activist, writer, and rabble-rouser was more than just "a lover to the stars."

Name a Woman: Pioneering Drag King Gladys Bentley

The loud, proud Black queer artist paved the way for generations of drag performers to come.

12 LGBTQ Women Who've Made History at the Polls

From Tammy Baldwin to Danica Roem, these elected officials have made major strides for queer women in American politics.

Love Synth Pop? Thank Wendy Carlos, the Trans Woman Who Invented It.

The Grammy winner's pioneering music in the 1960s helped pave the way for new wave, EDM, and Kim Petras.

"Boys Don't Cry" Turns 20: Kimberly Peirce on Her Battle to Make a Controversial Trans Classic

"Every step of the way was a fight to protect this movie in a culture that didn’t have a space for it yet."

How "Heather Has Two Mommies" Paved the Way for LGBTQ-Inclusive Children's Books

Thirty years after its publication, author Lesléa Newman reflects on her groundbreaking—and widely challenged—classic.