Conversion Therapy

Dusty Ray Bottoms Gets Emotional About Their "Very Queer" Chosen Family In Exclusive New 'Conversion' Clip

"Being in drag is a protest against how I was raised," says the 'Drag Race' queen in the new documentary.

Anchorage Assembly Votes to Ban Conversion Therapy

It's a big step for Alaska's largest city.

Boris Johnson Says the U.K. Will Ban Conversion Therapy

"It has no place in civilized society. It has no place in this country."

UN Expert Calls for Worldwide Conversion Therapy Ban

The practice is "inherently degrading and discriminatory," says Victor Madrigal-Borloz.

Germany Bans Conversion Therapy for Minors

The debunked practice is illegal in 19 states in the U.S.

Tallahassee Passes Sweeping Conversion Therapy Ban

The vote has been hailed nationally as a major win for Florida.

Virginia Becomes the First Southern State to Ban Conversion Therapy

"Conversion therapy has no place in modern society.”

New Play About Gay Conversion Therapy Has No Cis Male Actors

Your first look at J. Julian Christopher's "Bundle of Sticks."

Conversion Therapy Survivor Garrard Conley Confronts Former Leader in Powerful Video

Logo sat Conley and ex-gay leader McKrae Game down for a charged face-to-face conversation.

Could Anchorage Become the First City in Alaska to Ban Conversion Therapy?

Though the chances look promising, state officials expect heated conservative backlash.

Bowen Yang Reveals He Attempted Conversion Therapy to Please His Parents

"I’d only seen my father cry when my grandpa died and now he’s sobbing in front of me every day at dinner."