InTouch Defends Bruce Jenner Photoshop Job: "This Is What He Wants To Look Like'"

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InTouch hasn't officially responded to widespread criticism of its latest cover, which features Bruce Jenner Photoshopped to look like a woman. But that hasn't stopped the public from trying to get answers.

Disturbed by the sensationalized cover story that speculated on Jenner's possible transition, the ladies of The Talk opened the topic for discussion this week: "This magazine seems to have something against this whole family," Sharon Osborne said. "Every single week there's another cover with something foul about this family… this magazine never gives this family a break."

The tabloid "only care[s] about making money," out co-host Sara Gilbert chimed in. "It's so immoral, it's such a misrepresentation, and on top of the composite photograph…it says 'Bruce's Story: My Life As A Woman' as if he gave this interview to them. It's so wrong, it should be illegal, if it's not."

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That's when Aisha Tyler points to a tiny disclaimer included in the issue, in which InTouch justifies superimposing Jenner's face onto the body of Dynasty actress Stephanie Beacham by claiming it's what he wanted.

The disclaimer reads:

"Multiple sources and insiders familiar with the situation revealed exclusively to InTouch what Bruce wants to look like when his transformation is complete, and their inside knowledge was used for our cover re-creation."

Judging by the audience reaction and Julie Chen's side-eye, nobody's buying it: "It's disingenuous at best and completely dishonest and full-out lies at worst," Tyler adds. "If he is transitioning, let him do so in peace!"

Let's just hope no one's buying InTouch, either.

Check out the full discussion below:

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