Hayley Kiyoko Pushes Back on Nashville Anti-Drag Laws, Brings Queens on Stage

"We will not be silenced," said the "Girls Like Girls" singer.

Hayley Kiyoko found her friends in Nashville's drag community.

In a video posted to her Instagram on May 3, the "Girls Like Girls" singer explained how the "past 48 hours have been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least."

Kiyoko, who is currently traveling across North America on her Panorama Tour, played Nashville earlier this week, and the night before her concert she visited Play, Nashville's famous drag nightclub.

In her Instagram caption, Kiyoko said she "had the honor of being brought on stage. We then planned to have some fabulous queens join us during my show the next day." But at soundcheck the day of the concert, the singer revealed she was "advised by local law enforcement" that having drag queens performing at her all-ages show "could result in legal action."

"I was shattered as you can see in the videos I recorded reacting to the situation in real time before the show started."

Kiyoko said she explained the situation to LiberTea and Ivy St. James, the two queens who were set to join her onstage: 

"When the queens arrived it was about 10 minutes before the show. I was distraught and let them know what was communicated to us and our concerns. They showed no fear and said they wanted to continue with the show and come out on stage. So they did."

Kiyoko is the latest performer to stand in solidarity with Tennessee's drag community. Lizzo also recently brought out drag queens during her show in Knoxville, in defiance of the so-called "drag ban" which was signed into law by Gov. Bill Lee back in March, but a federal judge in the state temporarily halted the law hours before it was to go into effect.

The judge's stay is set to expire on May 26.

"We will not be silenced. We will find ways to continue to be our authentic selves, no matter what," Kiyoko ended her Instagram caption. "We will not give up. No matter how hard they make it. I love you all so much."

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