The Apple Watch Gets Its First Gay Online Dating App—And It's Not Grindr

The laborious task of opening your smartphone and tapping your favorite hookup app to scope out potential suitors could soon be a thing of the past, as Planet Romeo announced plans to become the first dating app to come to the Apple Watch.

Formerly known as, the app boasts the largest number of active users outside the U.S., with 2.6 million members worldwide as of June 2014.

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Unlike the Grindrs, Scruffs and Jack'ds of the world, Planet Romeo goes beyond dating and offers users links to hard news, local club and party guides, extensive personal profiles, and activism information.

"PlanetRomeo is a perfect match for the smartwatch," said Chief Product Owner Sven Voges. "Users will easily view profiles, chat and plan dates on the go. We're also exploring cool new features. Imagine being notified as soon as the right guys are nearby or getting turn-by-turn navigation to your next date."

The best features of the new app will most likely utilize the Apple Watch's "digital touch" capabilities, which aim to add the kind of "personal touch" we often lose with smartphones.

"You can get someone's attention with a gentle tap, you can send a quick sketch, or you can even share something as personal as your own heartbeat," states the product demo below.

The new Planet Romeo app for smartwatches is due out in late April, to coincide with the release of the Apple Watch.

h/t Towleroad

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