Meetup Group In DC Proves That Racism Is Alive And Well In The Gay Community

"People hang around people with the characteristics they like. This is normal."

A Meetup invitation labeled "Gay Guys Parties" has been making the rounds today, sparking outrage over its naked racism and political incorrectness.

In it, organizers Derrick, Jake and Connor invite guys to join them for a monthly party—but only if they're "young, fit, masculine, White men - str8-identified, gay, and bisexual." And in case you're confused, by white, "we mean non-Hispanic/non-Latin(o) White men."

The age range is 21 to 35 years old, they explain, "with rare exception to the age." Whew!

But don't mistake these guys for racists, because a black guy runs the group. "[He's] not self-hating. He likes himself! He likes White guys, too," the notice explains.

Here's the full description:

As of April 2016, there are over 200 White guys as members. Most are not here on Meetup, but they are on the membership list separate from Meetup. The group is politically incorrect. It's elitist and exclusive.

Furthermore, a black guy runs the group. How awesome is that! We oppose political correctness - we do not support diversity. If someone considers the group 'racist' or the organizer 'self-hating,' we don't care. It's ridiculous how race is the only aspect of the group that gets criticized. Why single that out? People hang around people with the characteristics they like. This is normal. All women, all men, and all black groups wouldn't get the same criticism.

We have the freedom and right to associate with whomever we want. The organizer almost exclusively associates with White guys. And, sorry, the organizer is not self-hating. He likes himself! He likes White guys, too.

We are looking for more White guys who are fraternity guys, and young professional men who want to meet similar types of guys by attending our parties with other young, fit, masculine white men. The group is all about camaraderie and having fun times together as bromos. This is a great way to meet and become friends with other young, cool, masculine white guys in the same boat. This is it.

We are looking for recent grads from DC area campuses, including GWU, Georgetown, AU, GMU, UVA, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, and, of course, Catholic U. Catholic white boys are the best!

We are also looking for white military men - US Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force, Coast Guard, Naval Academy, firemen, and policemen are certainly welcome.

Join this group today to be invited to our next party! You must be white, fit, masculine, 21 to 35 to get in. This is a drug-free zone. The group encourages healthy and fun activities, masculine activities, like team sports, listening to rock music, parties, and much more! If you are a young, fit, masc white dude who likes other dudes – a bromo – join this group. The group is fun and the guys are fun.

The Organizer

Now, anyone who's been on Grindr for five minutes knows racism is alive and well in the gay male community. But, if this invitation is real, it's the boldest declaration we've seen a long time.

There's also a follow-up questionnaire, where—in addition to requesting age, height, weight and a photo—it states: "This group is just for white guys. The organizer who is black is the sole exception and there will be no other nonwhites at parties. Is a group just for white guys OK with you?"

Meetup offers visitors the opportunity to flag questionable events and, while there is no "this is racist garbage" tag, you can cite an event for "violent or repulsive content." But would this qualify?

We've messaged Meetups customer service and will update with any reply.

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