And the Winner of "Drag Race Holland" Is...

Meet the Netherlands' first Drag Superstar.

Spoilers ahead for Drag Race Holland!

While the world awaits the official results of another closely watched contest, there's one winner we already know: The queen who snatched the crown on the first season of Drag Race Holland.

This week's finale saw the top four queens, Ma'Ma Queen, Miss Abby OMG, Janey Jacké, and Envy Peru, make it to the final round of the competition. To prove they worthy were of the crown, the queens performed a musical medley filled with RuPaul bops and were asked to serve their best drag for the ultimate runway challenge.

Ma'Ma Queen and Miss Abby OMG were then eliminated, and after Janey and Envy performed a fierce lip-sync to "Born This Way," Envy was crowned Netherland's First Drag Superstar.

Envy was born in Peru—hence her drag name—but moved to the Netherlands when she was 14. She won four maxi challenges throughout the course of the competition. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Envy said she was "proud to be a face, example, and role model for the Latin community."

"They’re lacking acceptance. There’s a lot of machismo there, so I just want to show the kids who are queer that you can achieve your dreams, even though you’re Latin and queer," she continued. "You’re not nothing. I want to be an example for them and, hopefully, with this crown, I can make a difference so that mothers who have queer kids can be more accepting and see queerness as a blessing instead of a flaw."

Envy also confirmed that once it is safe to travel again, she will be joining her Drag Race Holland sisters for an international tour.

Welcome to the winners' circle, Envy! Condragulations!

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