What Were the 'Drag Race' Season 15 Queens Like at Age 15?

Hot Topic goth? Musical theater nerd? The queens spill the tea on their teen years.

Sometimes taking a sashay down memory lane can be embarrassing — just ask anyone who went to high school. 

So since this is Season 15 of RuPaul's Drag Race we asked the newest crop of queens what they were like at the age of 15. Were they a goth teen shopping at Hot Topic? The star of the school musical? Or maybe they were just staying in their bedroom listening to Lady Gaga.

Scroll through below to hear the Drag Race Season 15 queens spill the tea on their teenage years.

  • Amethyst

    "I was definitely a nerd, very much into theater. At 15 I was in what they call the 'Tumblr era.' Remember Tumblr? Remember her? I was very active on Tumblr. But a lot of musical theater. And then to impress people, I would tell them I listened to Arctic Monkeys and The 1975, really alt bands. But I was really probably listening to Glee or musical theater."

  • Anetra

    "I was also a theater kid. A lot of the time, when I was at school I was in the theater. And then when I wasn't at school I was always training. I was a Taekwondo athlete for a really long time, since I was seven. So whenever I wasn't at school, I was there."

  • Aura Mayari

    "When I was 15, I was trying to be masc as hell. I was also a theater person. I started doing theater as a freshman in high school when I was 15."

  • Irene Dubois

    "On any given night when I was 15 years old, you could catch me listening to Into the Woods and probably playing with Legos, honestly. I was a late bloomer. I played with toys for a very long time and I guess sort of still do if you think of us as dolls. So yeah, 15-year-old me, very innocent, not drinking or doing drugs, playing with toys and listening to show tunes. I was a theater nerd. I went to high school at a performing arts high school for theater. It was my life for a very long time."

  • Jax

    "I grew up in the suburbs of Connecticut and I was just an athlete my entire life. When I was not at school, I was just constantly training, running in the park, jumping on my trampoline, pretending I'm a superhero. Fully thinking that I was in some video game. I guess I brought that into my drag persona now. I was constantly just listening to music, creating music videos in my head, creating these scenarios that now, I'm not going to say how many years later, but a few years later, I'm bringing into my persona."

  • Loosey LaDuca

    "I grew up in a very, very small town in Connecticut. I actually still live there. And I was definitely a shell of the person who I am today. I was very quiet and shy, which is shocking to everyone who knows me now. And I was very, very internal, I felt like I didn't have any real friends who knew who I was. I felt like I always had to hide who I was, which is why now, I am living the gayest life possible. Because for a long time, I was so afraid of it. And now I am crop top, booty shorts every day. As gay as I possibly can be, so I can make up for lost time."

  • Luxx Noir London

    "I was also a theater kid. I went to a performing arts high school. My focus was musical theater. So I was always doing early mornings, late nights, in school, rehearsing for shows, listening to Lady Gaga, watching Drag Race in secret, doing drag in my bedroom. And by that I mean a towel on my head, lip syncing to Lady Gaga." 

  • Malaysia Babydoll Foxx

    "I was a church boy. I just went to church all the time. I sang in the choir and then I just went to school. I just did normal things. I was obsessed with shoes and clothes and stuff. But I wasn't even out of the closet. So at 15, in the closet at church, praising the Lord. Honestly being raised in the church, I do love gospel music. I love R&B, so that's always been my thing, like soul music."

  • Marcia Marcia Marcia

    "I was that theater kid you referenced a second ago. Love a cast recording, love a pop girl. That was me. I was the star of my high school theater department. My senior year I played Will Parker in Oklahoma! and I won a local award for it. But I remember at that time I loved Next to Normal and Spring Awakening. Really angsty stuff, but I was a theater kid, so there was no angst there at all."

  • Mistress Isabelle Brooks

    "I was always a rebellious teen, so when I was 15, I think the thing to be was a scene kid. I was this crazy goth wannabe scene kid. I already had shaved eyebrows and colorful hair. But I really think those moments helped shape my drag career, and that's where my love for makeup and hair started. That was the makings of Mistress, and that's actually around the age when I found out about drag and Drag Race and queer culture. So 15 definitely has come full circle for me."

  • Princess Poppy

    "I was a theater kid unfortunately, so I was in a lot of competitions. I was in a lot of rehearsals, so I didn't really have a normal high school life. The music that I would listen to would be show tunes. I was a theater kid growing up and I went to a performing arts high school for theater so that was my life. I was constantly in dance rehearsals, competitions, you name it. I had top three favorite musicals, which are Chicago, The Color Purple, and Assassins. Those are the best musicals of all time."

  • Robin Fierce

    "I was such a little innocent 15-year-old. I didn't curse, I wasn't sneaking out, I was just doing what was expected of the normal 15-year-old, but I was definitely closeted and trying to figure out my life and what I wanted to do. It was a very awkward time of life. I was still discovering new music because growing up I would only really listen to gospel music. Once I got out of that phase, I just listened to old school music, which is kind of the closest, so like the Chaka Khans and the Patti LaBelles. That's when I discovered Mariah Carey, our Lord and Savior."

  • Salina EsTitties

    "15 for me was really sad. I had just got into Degrassi: The Next Generation, and I remember it was on a certain cable combination that my parents paid for and they were going to get rid of it because we couldn't afford it. I cried to them, I said, "Degrassi, they're my only friends!" And they kept the cable subscription for me."

  • Sasha Colby

    "It was so long ago. I was probably running home from school, locking myself in the bathroom, putting on my sister's negligee and bra and literally putting on her makeup and doing drag while my family was still working and out for hours. That would be my way of escape, doing drag. Lighting a little candle, putting on the radio and performing until somebody said to get out of the bathroom."

  • Spice

    "So I'm trying to time travel back to 2014... When I was 15, and I feel like nothing really has changed except I'm a little bit cuter now and I don't have a pizza face of acne. But I was listening to my pop girlies back then. I feel like the music that you liked when you were 10 to 15, middle school years, that always stays with you. So I was jamming out to Miss Kesha, Miss Gaga, Miss Katy, and Miss Miley. And I was just your typical gay closet case, but the closet was see-through, so I wasn't really a closet case, I was just a case of delusion. My little secret weapon is that I do have a little bit of a theater kid in me. I didn't make it my whole personality trait like some of the other girls, but I was living my best."

  • Sugar

    "If you met the 15-year-old version of me, you probably wouldn't recognize that person. That was the part of my journey, you're in high school where I feel like I was the furthest from myself because high school, that's the peak of social inclusion. So I was in people-pleaser mode, I was living a life of secrets. My biggest secret, I was still playing with my dolls, taking photos. I had a whole online account where I was doing modeling photos with my dolls and stuff, and no one in my life knew that. I was such a shell of who I was. I feel like that was the peak of me conforming to society. I still had the fun and the world of Sugar, but it was locked up."

    RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 airs Fridays at 8/7c on MTV.

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