These 13 New Horror Movies and TV Shows Are Queering Halloween

It's time to scream, queen!

It's October again, which means Spooky Season is in full swing, and "Gay Christmas" a.k.a. Halloween, is right around the corner.

Queer people love scary movies, and it seems this year there are even more LGBTQ horror offerings than usual. From the campy Hocus Pocus 2 and Huluween Dragstravaganza to the terrifying Hellraiser and American Horror Story: NYC, these are the new scary movies and TV shows to watch as you carve pumpkins and plan your Halloween costume.

  • They/Them

    The Blumhouse slasher stars Kevin Bacon as Owen Whistler, who invites queer teens to his conversion therapy camp to "help them find a new sense of freedom." But as Whistler's conversion therapy tactics become more extreme the campers band together to protect themselves... oh, and then a killer starts terrorizing the campgrounds, hunting for victims.

    In addition to Bacon, They/Them — pronounced “They-slash-Them" — also stars Theo Germaine (The Politician, Work in Progress), Anna Chlumsky, and Carrie Preston, and is written and directed by Oscar-nominated screenwriter and Penny Dreadful creator John Logan. When the project was first announced in 2021 it was titled Whistler Camp, and described as "a queer empowerment story."

    Where to watch: Peacock

  • Queer for Fear


    The four-part documentary series, executive produced by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies), premiered Sept. 29 on Shudder. Here is an official synopsis from the streamer:

    "From its literary origins with queer authors Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and Oscar Wilde to the pansy craze of the 1920s that influenced Universal Monsters and Hitchcock; from the “lavender scare” alien invasion films of the mid-20th century to the AIDS-obsessed bloodletting of 80s vampire films; through genre-bending horrors from a new generation of queer creators; Queer for Fear re-examines genre stories through a queer lens, seeing them not as violent, murderous narratives, but as tales of survival that resonate thematically with queer audiences everywhere."

    Where to watch: Shudder

  • Hocus Pocus 2

    The Sanderson Sisters are back to wreck havoc in Salem. It's been 29 years since the original hit theaters, but the Black Flame candle is being lit yet again.

    According to the official plot synopsis for Hocus Pocus 2, “Three young women accidentally bring the Sanderson sisters back to modern-day Salem and must figure out how to stop the child-hungry witches from wreaking a new kind of havoc on the world.” Sounds familiar!

    Where to watch: Disney+

  • Hellraiser

    The remake of the 1987 Clive Baker classic features trans actress Jamie Clayton (Sense8, Roswell, New Mexico) as Pinhead, one of the most recognizable villains in the horror genre.

    "I mean, it's one of the most iconic franchises, and the images of the Cenobites are something that's sort of burned into my memory bank, but I hadn't seen [the films]," Clayton told EW. "When I was a teenager, oh my God, I was a big scaredy-cat. I was running around my room in my house listening to Cindy Lauper and Janet Jackson and Stacey Q. I wasn't popping in VHS tapes of horror films. It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I really got into [those kinds of films]. Because I was a makeup artist and I wanted to get into special effects and so I started really getting into horror films then."

    Where to watch: Hulu

  • Huluween Dragstravaganza

    Ready for a fierce fright?

    Ginger Minj and Monét X Change host the Huluween Dragstravaganza, a Rocky Horror-esque variety show special featuring musical numbers, comedy sketches, and plenty of familiar faces from the world of drag, including Mo Heart, Jujubee, Manila Luzon, Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat, Selene Luna, Landon Cider, and Mario Diaz.

    Where to watch: Hulu

  • Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!

    This year's direct-to-home animated Scooby-Doo movie, Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!, made headlines when it confirmed something that fans have speculated about for decades: Velma's sexuality.

    Clips from Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! went viral on Twitter with scenes showing Velma (voiced by Kate Micucci) crushing hard on a new character, Coco Diablo (Myrna Velasco).

    According to the official film synopsis, Coco is a reformed villain who is "the head of the notorious costume crime syndicate that colludes The Black Knight, Space Kook, and the Ghost Diver." So basically she's behind the most iconic designs from the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? rogue gallery.

    Will Velma's crush turn out to be a trick or treat?

    Where to watch: Available for rent or purchase digitally now, hits HBO Max on Oct. 15.

  • American Horror Story: NYC

    As per usual with American Horror Story, details about the latest season have been kept under wraps for the most part. But we do know that it will take place in New York City, and will feature plenty of familiar faces from previous AHS seasons, and some newcomers like Charlie Carver, Joe Mantello, and Russell Tovey.

    A new teaser promises plenty of kinky club scenes, as if that wasn't enough to get you to tune in, part of the action this season takes place on Fire Island. American Horror Story: Pines Party anyone?

    Where to watch: The first two episodes premiere Wednesday, Oct. 19 on FX, streaming the next day on Hulu.

  • Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire

    The latest adaptation of Anne Rice's 1976 classic novel stars Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac and Sam Reid as Lestat De Lioncourt, and unlike the 1994 film, this series leans into the queerness of the relationship between the two men.

    “I hope that people see themselves in these monsters, to be honest. We don’t shy away from the camp, and from the gore, and the sauciness. I think Anne Rice’s monsters are the most human monsters you will ever encounter," Anderson told Rotten Tomatoes.

    “The hope is that people are going to watch this and see themselves, or see their own relationships, or see they’re not weird and they’re not outsiders," added Anderson. "Or that they are outsiders and recognize that’s what makes us remarkable.”

    Where to watch: AMC and AMC+

  • Chucky

    Thanks to out creator Don Mancini, Chucky has become one of the queerest series on TV. As Logo reported in 2021, Chucky "sees a gay 14-year-old aspiring artist, Jake (Zackary Arthur, Transparent), come into possession of the demonic doll - possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) - while thrifting, to the disgust of Jake’s blue collar, abusive single father (1990s teen idol and Final Destination star Devon Sawa)."

    As if the first season wasn't queer enough, Season 2 (premiered Oct. 5) will feature a Bound reunion between the movie's three stars: Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, and Joe Pantoliano,

    "Like most gay people, I love Bound. I've loved it for 30 years and it was always thrilling for me to be working with Jennifer Tilly shortly after that film and just to be able to reunite that cast and work with them is kind of a queer fever dream come true, honestly," Mancini told EW.

    Killer dolls are camp!

    Where to watch: USA and Syfy

  • Conjuring Kesha

    The "Tik Tok" singer searches for the supernatural in her new reality series where she brings along her famous friends to hunt for ghosts, Bigfoot, and other things that go bump in the night.

    The finale cranks up the creepiness when Kesha enlists Big Freedia to help her explore a haunted psychiatric hospital, an episode that you might want to watch with the lights on.

    Where to watch: Discovery+ and Travel Channel

  • The Midnight Club

    The latest limited series from director Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass) is based on the YA books of Christopher Pike. The Midnight Club tells the story of a group of terminally ill teens who gather every night to tell each other gruesome ghost stories.

    Revealing any of the queer elements might venture into spoiler territory, so going in knowing less might be for the best.

    Where to watch: Netflix 

  • The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans

    In the new competition series, contestants from previous seasons of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula will compete for the first-ever "Dragula Titans" crown, a $100,000 grand prize, and a headlining spot on the upcoming world tour. According to the Titans series announcement, the spin-off will feature a new format that "promises a haunted mansion full of shocking twists and turns that take place in a brand-new 'underworld' set that was built just for the season."

    Spooktacular celebrities will be joining the Boulet Brothers behind the judges' panel: Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Harvey Guillen (What We Do In The Shadows), Justin Simien (director of Disney’s upcoming Haunted Mansion movie), pop-metal princess Poppy, Joe Bob Briggs (Last Drive-In), Bonnie Aarons (The Nun), Barbara Crampton (Reanimator, Jakob's Wife)  Drag Race legends Alaska and Katya, and more. There will also be surprise guests who will appear throughout the season.

    Where to watch: Shudder (Oct. 25)

  • Wendell & Wild

    The latest stop-motion animated feature from director Henry Selick (Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline) and producer Jordan Peele tells the story of Kat Elliot (Lyric Ross), a "troubled punk rock orphan" who is sent to a spooky Catholic school.

    According to them, "the film also makes history by featuring the first ever trans male supporting character in an animated feature. Raul (Sam Zelaya), the only boy in Kat’s Catholic School, befriends the angsty lead and assists her on her paranormal adventure."

    Where to watch: Netflix (Oct. 29)

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