Richard Simmons, American Hero, in Emmy Awards Drag

richard simmons 2

I know we have the collective cultural memory of a goldfish, but do you guys remember how the Emmy Awards happened Sunday night?  They did!  I promise.

If you were too busy watching Elton John fudge a poorly written speech or Michael Douglas make half-hearted gay sex jokes, you might have missed what was going on with Richard Simmons' twitter.

The jazzercise superstar got all dolled up for his followers and tweeted out pictures of himself dressed as characters from the different television shows nominated.  My personal favorites include Sister Jude, the sadistic nun from American horror story, and RS' sickening interpretation of Liberace. (His Breaking Bad drag ain't bad either.)

Richard Simmons' twitter was more entertaining than the entire 18-hour Emmy telecast.  And he should probably host the damn thing next year.

richard simmons 4

richard simmons

h/t: Buzzfeed