GOP Lawmakers Dragged by Fierce RuPublicans Instagram Account

From the catwalk to Capitol Hill!

Republicans are bringing it to the runway... with the help of AI that is.

A popular new Instagram account is transforming Republican lawmakers into fierce drag queens. Launched on March 30, RuPublicans, glams up right-wing politicians like Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and more — adding wigs, feather boas, and even their own drag names like Anita Filibust-Her McConnell and Lady Graham Cracker.

“We’re huge fans of drag, and we were bearing witness to the GOP’s anti-drag rhetoric and action, and we wanted to do something about it, so we said, ‘Let’s put the GOP in drag,’” Craig, who created RuPublicans Instagram with his husband, Stephen, told NBC News earlier this week. 

Craig revealed that the portraits are created with an AI text-to-image program called Midjourney:

“It’s all generated without a photo that we input. I provide prompts on what I want to see in the photo — what’s in the background, what is the person wearing, how are they feeling, like it gets into that level of specificity — and then it spits out images, and you don’t always get what you want, and sometimes the AI generator gives you something that you could have never even imagined that blows you away, and you like run with it,” he explained.

The RuPublicans account is just the latest way members of the LGBTQ community are calling out lawmakers passing hateful anti-drag and anti-LGBTQ legislation. RuPaul recently spoke out against the "stunt queen" politicians, and the ACLU launched The Drag Defense Fund, which RuPaul's Drag Race, MTV, and World of Wonder donated to.

Multiple LGBTQ celebrities, organizations and businesses are also joining forces to kick off a new campaign: Drag Isn't Dangerous, which will culminate with a one-night-only fundraising telethon on May 7 where all net proceeds "go to relevant causes helping drag performers and trans people."

RuPublicans co-creator Stephen told NBC News: “We want it to serve as a platform for a message and show that drag really isn’t that scary. It makes you laugh, and it makes you think, and this isn’t just for us and gay people. I hope that a lot of Republicans see this and can have a laugh at themselves, too.”

Scroll through below to see some of our favorite portraits from the fierce Instagram account:

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