Drag Queens Start Their Engines At Jerusalem's First High-Heel Race

Jerusalem held its first drag-queen high heel race on Monday, an event organized by LGBT student groups and funded, in part, by the city itself.

After the tottering sprint, more than 250 spectators enjoyed musical performances from some of the 40 participants, who included Lady Chocolate, who serves in the Israeli military by day, to Bella To Die For, an employee at a local super market.

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Some of the holy city's more religious communities balked at the "drag race," but attempts to cancel the event proved fruitless.

"I think it's very important that the event is happening, especially here," noted organizer Leshem Brosh. "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Our congress, the Knesset, is here. It's important for the people of this city that they will realize that there is a massive mature gay community as well. It is not an ultra-Orthodox city. We have gay people in the city as well."

Lady Chocolate added that getting municipal funds, "really gives the feeling of a home—finally we've moved [forward] centuries and we're going toward a better future."

Watch a news report from the event, below.