Straight High-Schooler Invites Gay Best Friend To The Prom

— AnthonyseXC (@anthonyseXC) April 21, 2015

What we didn't expect is the totally awesome Jacob Lescenski of Las Vegas to ask his best friend Anthony Martinez to prom.

Jacob is straight, and Anthony is gay, but Jacob figured who better to go to the dance with than someone he considers a brother?

Jacob popped the question by unfurling a giant banner that read "You're hella gay, I'm hella str8, but you're like my brother so be my d8!"

Anthony is on the student council, and is often responsible for planning school dances, but lamented that he never gets asked to go.

"He's a real man," Anthony said of Jacob in a post, "given that he has the guts to fulfill my gay student council dream of always helping out planning dances, and never getting asked. I couldn't ask for a better person in my life."

The guys' story  has gone viral, and Twitter has blown up with messages of support for these two classy bros.

@anthonyseXC THERES HOPE FOR HUMANITY?! Omg you have an awesome friend.

— Mikey (@mikekems) April 23, 2015

Is Jacob missing out on the chance to get some play by asking his guy pal to prom?

Well, if we know teenage girls (which we do, DUH), he'll get plenty of friendly female attention for his amazing act.

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