Billy Eichner Is Joining The Cast Of "American Horror Story"

Will the "Difficult People" star meet a grisly end?

Deadline is reporting that Ryan Murphy has added out comedian Billy Eichner to the upcoming seventh season of American Horror Story.

Eichner has a pretty full plate already, starring in Hulu's Difficult People and hosting Tru TV's The Billy on the Street. But when Ryan Murphy comes calling, you don't say no. There's not a lot of information about who he'll be playing other than that it's a close confidant to Sarah Paulson's character and that he'll appear in six or seven of the 11 episodes.

Also, per Deadline, he “will mostly be wearing mysterious tank tops.”

Murphy has teased the new season will address the 2016 presidential election, but says it will be more metaphorical than literal. “The themes of American Horror Story have always been allegories," he told Andy Cohen last month on Watch What Happens Live. “You will not see Trump and [Hillary] Clinton as characters on the show.”