11 Most Underrated Madonna Songs

You won't find these on "The Immaculate Collection."

Madonna's career has spanned for more than three decades, and after 14 studio albums, countless remixes, and demos, some tracks were going to fall through the cracks. Scroll through below to see a list of songs we think deserve another chance, not "Express Yourself" or "Vogue," but ones that are some of the best the Queen of Pop has released—even if they didn't end up on The Immaculate Collection.

"American Life"

The first single, and its accompanying music video, from Madonna's 2003 album was supposed to be a wake-up call for Americans. "I wanted to make a video that would wake people up," the singer explained in the VH1 special, Madonna Speaks. "I wanted to say: 'Hey, stop being distracted by all of your entertainment... your superficial life. There is a real war about to go on here, and we have to do whatever we can to stop it."

Fifteen years later it sounds even more relevant.


The theme of superficiality continued in the bouncy electro-folk second single from American Life where she warned listeners against falling under the spell of fame, and wanting to "make it in Hollywood."

"I'm So Stupid"

The third part of the trilogy of songs from American Life focused on forgetting superficial things and fame, Madonna confesses how for years she believed fame and fortune could make her happy, but she realized that wasn't true.

"Love Profusion"

Years later we still have this sun-soaked song under our skin.

"Nobody Knows Me"

Madonna has been in the spotlight for almost 40 years, but she insists that few people actually really know her in this electro track that would have been at home on her 2000 effort, Music. During her 2012 MDNA Tour, the song was played during a video interlude, and was dedicated to Tyler Clementi, and other teens who had committed suicide due to bullying.

"Nothing Fails"

Gospel choirs and Madonna are always a good combination, further proven by this standout track from American Life. The Queen of Pop usually isn't noted for her ballads, but this is one of her best.


A reflective song about the power of love, this is one of the Madonna songs that makes you shed a tear or two while swaying on the dance floor.

"X-Static Process"

Madonna learned to play the guitar while recording Music, and she shows off her skills on this solemn track about not knowing who she "is supposed to be." A beautiful existential crisis co-written by Stuart Price, Madonna's producer on Confessions on a Dance Floor.

"Mother and Father"

Madonna has never shied away from writing songs about her childhood or the death of her mother, but this 2003 song might be her most personal confession on the subject.

"Die Another Day"

Fans might argue that this is not the best James Bond theme (which would probably go to "Live and Let Die" or "Skyfall"), but this is a bop that made us feel like a secret agent at the club. Sigmund Freud?

"Easy Ride"

Madonna has always been known as a hard worker. She wants to experience all of life has to offer, to the "breathe the air and feel the sun" on her children's face, but she wants to earn it.

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