"Hit The Floor" Recap: Basketball Star Zero Delivers An Epic Game Changer

Plus Jonathan Bennett returns!

Now that the afterglow of last week's hot coat room encounter with gay sports agent Jude and label-less basketball star Zero has faded, their relationship returns to an even more familiar back and forth, with Jude demanding a public relationship, and Zero content to canoodle in the shadows.

But all that changed this week, and by the end of this episode, the "Zude" relationship, and both of their lives will be changed forever.

Zero starts things off on a disastrous note, however. With Jude's ultimatum that Zero not contact him unless he had "something to offer" still echoing in his head, Zero decides to make a grand, bold gesture.

Is it a ring? A signed jersey? A Netflix subscription? Another special delivery?

No, it's information. Oh Zero, you sweet talker, you.

In a surprise move, Zero tells Jude "I know who the potential buyers for the team are. Terrence and Jelena. Not only that, they made a deal with me, that if I kept my mouth shut about it, they'd trade Derek."

Jude asks "Why would you tell me this? That deal would be great for you," and Zero responds "I didn't make the deal for me, I made it for you. So you had something to do real damage with when you needed to."

AWW! Okay, so it's not flowers and candy, but it's something!

Jude is not impressed, though, and tells him he appreciates it, but "information is not what I'm looking for from you. It doesn't change anything between us."

While Zero plots his next romantic move (odds are it's either edible underwear or a Jude tattoo), Jonathan Bennett returns as sports agent Lucas, who we haven't seen since his date from hell with Jude.

Jude apologizes for ruining their night out by constantly droning on and on about another guy, and Lucas decides to forgive him and give him another chance. He tells him "I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8. Wear something slutty." Hey, maybe he'll have some new edible underwear.

Later that night, Jude and Zero have an emotional moment outside the stadium, with a cold and distant Jude telling him "You either refuse to get it or you never will." As he turns to leave, Zero says those three little words we've all been waiting for.

"I love you. Alright? I love you, stupid." Okay, so four little words.

Jude allows himself a small smile and says "I love you too. But this isn't enough. I need someone I can actually be with like a normal person. Someone who's able to be there with me in ever way. Can you? Can you do that?" Sadly, Zero shakes his head and says "no."

Lucas and Jude's second night out is in full swing, with sad sack Jude telling him how lost he feels with his life, and how lonely it can be, and now he's afraid he's ruined another date. Lucas tells him not to worry, and to just switch his brain off and enjoy the moment. He reaches out to grasp Jude's hand.

The next morning, Lucas is asking for a toothbrush. Wait, what? Yep, They obviously skipped the main course and went straight to dessert.

while Jude is on the phone strategizing with team owner Lionel (who he informed about the attempted coup). A hopeful Jude tells Lucas "I really want to see you again. Meet me after the game later? Court side? Is that cool?" Lucas is all "It's a date," but it's lukewarm at best.

Sure enough, right before the second half of the big game, Zero runs into Lucas leaving the arena. Lucas tells him "I need to disappear. I'm supposed to meet Jude court side after the game, and that's not going to happen." Zero comments "this feels a bit more personal than professional," and Lucas admits "I had sex with Jude. He's hot, and that body he's hiding underneath that suit! I've been dying to hit that for like a year!"

As Zero politely nods while obviously seething inside, Lucas continues to show his true asshat colors with "But Jesus, is he needy. And neurotic. Oscar wrecked him for life. He's totally undateable. But Jude's used to disappointment. He'll be fine. Catch you later."

Zero contemplates strangling him with some edible underwear, but decides against it.

What happens next (in the closing minutes) was totally unexpected, game-changing, and had me jumping up from my chair.

After the Devils win the game, and everyone is on court for celebrations and press interviews, Zero sees Jude scanning the spectators for Lucas. He walks over and tells Jude "Lucas didn't come. I told him not to."

Then this happens

I repeat.

The show returns in two weeks. What happens now? Will Zero regret making such a public display of affection? How will it impact the team? Can Zude be an actual couple?

Hit The Floor airs Monday at 10 PM ET on VH1.

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