"Ray Donovan" Actor Zander Hodgson Comes Out As Gay

"This is something that I thought was important to do for my own growth..."

Zander Hodgson made headlines last year when he appeared as a gay hustler in an episode of Showtime's Ray Donovan—which contained an explicit sex scene in a gay club.

"This is something that I thought was important to do for my own growth, for myself, to be unashamed, to connect to others, to connect to you more," says British actor says in his newest YouTube video. "I wanted to tell everyone that I am gay, and although that doesn’t change anything for me, and hopefully not for you, I just thought it was a really important thing to share with everyone."

The 27-year-old actor/YouTuber goes onto explain how he thinks "sexuality is a small part of someone... but it's a really important part of me, and it makes me who I am."

His biggest role in the U.S. might be on Ray Donovan, but he has appeared in popular series in the U.K. like Eastenders and Shameless.

"When i think about all of the kids out there who are being bullied, who are struggling with their sexuality, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone," he says in his coming out video. "There are people out there like you, and everything's going to be fine."

Even before Ray Donovan, Hodgson was already gaining a gay fan base, with a sexy cowboy photo shoot for Grindr's Into last year, where he was asked what he looks for in a partner:

"I like people that are up for adventure. People that don’t focus on the negative too much, that you can grow with, and are interested in finding new things to do, not just sticking to the same old regimen," he told Into.

Congrats on coming out, Hodgson! Scroll through below to see some of his most popular—and revealing—pics from Instagram:

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