"This is Us" Star Mandy Moore On Her Lesbian Mom And Gay Brothers: "There Are No Secrets In Our Lives"

"I love and support my mom and my brothers with my whole heart."

Mandy Moore isn't a mother in real life, but with her role on This Is Us, she's currently one of the most beloved moms in prime time. The singer-turned-actress is on the cover of People this month, where she spoke about her own mother, who identifies as a lesbian, as well as her two gay brothers.

Mandy Moore and Mother during Mandy Moore Debuts Her Clothing Line "Mblem" at New Mark Fashion Center in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic)

“Nobody is hiding who they are," Moore tells the magazine. "There are no secrets in our lives. I love and support my mom and my brothers with my whole heart. And nothing makes me happier than seeing anybody live their authentic self, and to choose love. If anyone can find love, I support it, I salute you and I celebrate that.”

Moore, who recently got engaged to musician Taylor Goldsmith, first talked about her not-so-traditional family with the site Byrdie last year, when she shared that her mother left her father for a woman. But now that This Is Us is a bonafide Emmy-nominated hit, she's asked more often about her own family, whom she admits she can feel protective over.

“I definitely won’t stand for [intolerance]," Moore said. "But I feel like we’re at a time in our culture when we’re able to have a much more open dialogue. I’m encouraged and excited that eventually we’re going to get to a point where none of this matters. Sexual preference or orientation just won’t factor in anymore. I think we’re inching closer to that.”

Moore's brother Scott lives in L.A. with his partner Ryan and used to work at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Scott is now a podcast personality on AfterBuzz TV where he hosted the Looking after-show.


Scott Moore

Moore's mom, Stacy, is still with her partner, professional tennis player Claudette Laliberte.


Stacy Moore & Claudette

When Stacy first left Moore's father in 2008, The National Enquirer spread rumors that Moore felt "betrayed" and was at odds with her mother. Stacy herself told the Enquirer, "It’s nobody’s business why we’re together."

Last month, Stacy attended Mandy's engagement party and was spotted in an Instagram story telling her daughter how proud she was: "I got a lot of congratulations from friends and such, and I said, 'You know what, two wonderful people make two wonderful people.' And that's the best I can say. I'm just so happy."

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Mandy Moore's family

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