Why Hallmark Channel Is on One Million Moms' Naughty List This Year

According to the anti-LGBTQ hate group, having gay leads in a Christmas movie is the notorious "LGBT agenda" at work.

'Tis the season to be...angry?

Members of the anti-LGBTQ Christian group One Million Moms are taking a stand against Hallmark Channel potentially introducing same-sex couples into its holiday films.

In a petition signed by some 23,000 conservative Christians, the group warns parents that they are now coming "face-to-face with the LGBT agenda when they sit down to watch the Hallmark Channel"—and that family-friendly made-for-TV films are "not the outlet in which to be politically correct by forcing tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality, a sinful lifestyle that scripture clearly deems as wrong."

The petition comes shortly after Bill Abbott, the CEO of Hallmark Channel's parent company, Crown Media Family Networks, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his plan to give diversity a home for the holidays.

One Million Moms

A screenshot of the petition on One Million Moms' website.

Much to One Million Moms' chagrin, Abbott also confirmed that Hallmark is "open" to producing and airing a festive film with gay leads (something the TV channel's holiday programming slates have consistently lacked, its hunky male lead actors notwithstanding). The group also takes issue with the channel airing commercials from wedding registry site Zola that feature a lesbian couple.

Admittedly, the outcry isn't much of a surprise coming from One Million Moms—a subsidiary organization of the American Family Association, one of the nation's leading anti-LGBTQ hate groups, as designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"Shame on Hallmark for airing commercials with same-sex couples and even considering movies with LGBT content and lead characters," adds the group, whose members have also condemned Mattel's gender-neutral Barbie and the "dangerous" lesbian couple with a brief cameo in Toy Story 4.

Evangelical website LifeSiteNews has also launched a petition demanding Hallmark Channel “keep sex and sexual practices—including the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, etc.—out of their movies." That petition has garnered more than 40,000 signatures.

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