5 Best Gay Comic Book Superheroes

Comic-Con 2012 kicked off in San Diego last night, and with the recent announcement of major gay characters and events to series like The X-Men, Green Hornet and Batwoman, we figured what better way to celebrate another year of Comic-Con than by showcasing our five favorite geeky gay comic book superheroes.

[caption id="attachment_57333" align="alignright" width="607" caption="Green Lantern getting some."][/caption]Alan Scott (Green Lantern)

The most recent addition, and the most major, to the gay superhero club is Alan Scott aka Green Lantern. Brave, heroic, blond and buff, Mr. Scott is a young media mogul who fights crime, works to unite positive forces and, at the end of the day, enjoys a little man love. More power to him.

[caption id="attachment_57341" align="alignright" width="607" caption="Batwoman, in purple, on a date. Awwwww"][/caption]

Katherine Kane (Batwoman)

It is not just the men who are enjoying some same-sex company, with the latest Batwoman, Kate Kane, returning home to her luscious detective lady love Maggie Sawyer after a hard day fighting crime. Now let's just hope that bitch Sune doesn't break these two up.

[caption id="attachment_57335" align="alignright" width="607" caption="Gay superhero wedding!"][/caption]

Northstar (The X-Men)

One of the first ever gay superheroes, having been introduced in 1979, Northstar wed his longtime boyfriend Kyle Jinadu earlier this year. Original creator John Byrne always wanted to make the character gay, but due to the disapproval of Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter could only hint at the superhero's sexuality. Finally, in 1993, he came out.

[caption id="attachment_57351" align="alignright" width="607" caption="Mystique & Destiny, two colorful lady loves."][/caption]

Mystique (The X-Men)

More bisexual than lesbian, and far more villain than hero, Mystique and her lover Destiny spent many years living together.

Ace & Gary (The Ambiguously Gay Duo)

What these two did for gays in comic books...

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