New LGBT Wedding Survey Reveals What Age Gay Men Get Married, How Many Guests Lesbians Invite

Some of these numbers might just surprise you.

A new survey has revealed some interesting statistics about LGBT weddings.

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In celebration of the second anniversary of the legalization of marriage equality nationwide, The Knot teamed up with Q.Digital to share the top trends of same-sex weddings in the United States.

The results, taken from 821 LGBT respondents who are married or engaged to be wed, give a peek into what wedding traditions are important to queer people.

"Today’s couples want a personalized celebration that reflects their unique style and personalities together," said Kellie Gould, editor-in-chief of The Knot. "To-be-weds are opting for mixed-gender wedding parties, personalized processionals and unique twists to long-standing traditions. These trends are in no way exclusive to same-sex couples, but are growing in popularity with this community."

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This real, lesbian, wedding took place on a ferry boat in Washington State. It includes pre and post wedding photographs of the brides.

According to the data, the average cost of an LGBT wedding is $18,409 for men and $17,341 for women, with gay guys shelling out $2,226 for engagement rings and ladies spending $3,185. The average marrying age is 46 for men and 36 for women, with both inviting around 85 people to their nuptials.

As far as traditions are concerned, the majority of LGBT couples are ditching separate changing areas to get dressed together and 48 percent of men and 17 percent of women are showing each other their outfits before the big day. And at the ceremony, 42 percent of male couples and 20 percent of female couples are choosing to walk down the aisle together.

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A gay couple waiting excited for their gay wedding ceremony.

When it comes to family and friends, the majority of same-sex couples are including a lot of people in their wedding parties.

Among lesbian couples, 74 percent had a maid of honor (58 percent) or best woman (16 percent), and 36 percent had a man of honor (14 percent) or best man (22 percent). In comparison, 41 percent of gay couples had a maid of honor (14 percent) or best woman (27 percent) and 60 percent had a man of honor (12 percent) or best man (48 percent). Only 20 percent of LGBT couples had all-male or all-female parties.

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